Career choice based on astrology

Irfan strongly considers astrology to be an accurate predictor of the future. As a teenager, Joanne Madeline Moore had a career as an actress in Australia, appearing on television shows, in films and in theater productions. However, she quickly became disillusioned with the entertainment industry and started thinking about what else she could do. Her horoscope columns are now syndicated on five continents, and she runs a successful astrology website.

One of the biggest pieces of advice she gives clients? There are so many factors that affect how our lives play out, including environment, upbringing, socioeconomic status and, of course, good old free will. Is it ever really advisable to rely on a pseudoscience like astrology when making a life-changing decision? Ask an astrologer and, unsurprisingly, the answer is a resounding yes.

But even Paciocco recognizes that for the people who follow it, astrology should be used as a tool and not blindly followed. News U. If you have your Midheaven in Scorpio, you need a career that fulfills your need for curiosity and financial security. You are meant to shine a light in the darker areas of human existence that often go unrecognized. Scorpio Midheavens make great criminal psychologists, detectives, actors, healers, accountants, bankers, stockbrokers, and therapists.

The 5 Best jobs for Scorpio Astrological Sign

You have an ability to see the truth underneath the lies and the stories people so often tell themselves, and you believe that exposing these truths is difficult but necessary for the good of all. Your ability to concentrate on tasks for long periods of time is a blessing but your passion for your career dies out once you feel that you have mastered it. Transformation in career is common for Scorpios.

Trust your instincts, follow your gut.

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If your Midheaven is in Sagittarius, you need a career that allows you to travel to new places, explore foreign lands, and experience other ways of life to feed your philosophical curiosity. You are meant to be on the move, to be an eternal student and teacher, and to share your wisdom and humor. Sagittarius Midheavens make great pilots, flight attendants, touring musicians, photographers, travel consultants, or can be drawn to religious or spiritual vocations.

An explorer who thrives off knowing people from all walks of life, you enjoy socializing, researching, investigating, and connecting the dots when it comes to ideas, people, and theories.

Choose a Job Based on Your Strengths

To you, we are all interconnected. Find work wherein you can have independence when it comes to your schedule and that allows you to take your work wherever you go.

If you have your Midheaven in Capricorn, you need a career that allows you to be the boss and leave your mark on the world. Ambitious, at times to a fault, you take your career seriously and are able to shut everything out and focus. You are meant to make a name for yourself and to make as much money as possible!

Astrological Guide to Work, Career & Wealth |

Capricorn Midheavens make natural CEOs, managers, doctors, property owners, financial managers, bankers. With your diligence and drive, you are self-made and will inhabit a position that commands respect, in any path you pursue.

You can be stern and intimidating when first put in power. You must learn that toning down the bossiness and displaying more compassion can lead to more productivity and respect. If you have your Midheaven in Aquarius, you need a career that allows you freedom and that brings out your originality. No doubt you dream of making the world a better place and are meant to do just that. You get high on bringing something new to the table, and you prefer a specialized job or one that only you can do.

The reason for that? By being the only one qualified to do your job, no one can boss you around and tell you what to do. You love to learn, and you get a lot of opportunities through friends and social groups. Aquarius Midheavens are drawn scientific or mathematical fields and towards the New Age.

Astronomy, astrology, engineering, environmental science, film, television, humanitarian work are possible careers. Your breakthroughs in work can bring higher knowledge as you steer clear of traditional thought patterns to find new ways of doing things and make new discoveries.

Your career according to your midheaven sign

Avoid being stubborn and believing your way is always the right way. A little compromise never hurt. Money isn't as important to you as passion and being able to make a difference. Pisces Midheavens are drawn to careers in music, theater, film, literature, and the healing arts.

Embrace your emotions. Explore your boundaries but be careful not to overstep them. Learn to use your gifts of creativity, compassion, and spirituality, as they will bring you opportunities only you can imagine. It's a strong marker when it comes to seeing where your business potential lies. The sign that is on the cusp—where the MC lies—is going to influence the way you present your self publicly and attract money. Planets that are in conjunction with or transit across the MC are very important markers in your both your natal and transit charts.

It all gets a bit complicated, I know. But here's a quick guide to how your 10th house influences your aspirations, career goals, and money-making potential. Fire Signs Aries , Leo , Sagittarius will be active and demonstrative. Water Signs Cancer , Scorpio , Pisces will be feeling and intuitive.

Earth Signs Taurus , Virgo , Capricorn will be very practical and hardworking. Air Signs Libra , Aquarius , Gemini will be cerebral and need a fast-paced environment. Careers or positions where you can be competitive in some way will bring you satisfaction. Artistic careers, positions where you can work with the land and nature, or something financial. Those types of careers are suit your personality. You need to be in a position that is varied and that uses your communicative skills. You may even have two distinct career paths at some point in your life.

Jobs that involves writing, speaking, traveling, or teaching others will be suitable for you. Yours is the path of the caregiver, and it can be hard for you to find just the right placement. As well as caring for others, you also care possibly too much what they think about you. You like the limelight, and you should find a career that meets that need. Life coaching, professional organizing, bookkeeping or accounting, and anything to do with health matters are all appropriate.