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You will complete all the tasks that you set out to accomplish, but there may be some obstacles or delays.

Do not let this stall you. Keep ploughing away. Fortunately, few signs are quite as industrious as you. You are a natural worker, although do guard against becoming a workaholic. You are acutely sensitive and do require a release valve. Mercury in Libra fortifies your female friendships and memories.

Capricorn 12222 Horoscope Prediction

Be mindful of how you eat and exercise. On the 23rd, Mercury moves into Scorpio and you will be recognised for all you do in a powerful, profound way. Be mindful of minor health problems and skin ailments.

Capricorn Horoscope tomorrow October 10 12222

Venus in Libra bolsters your personal life. With Mars in Virgo, you must resist bad influences and habits, particularly when you are stressed. A changed attitude will catch the attention of your beloved.

Daily Horoscope - Money, Cash, Income and Financial Horoscope

A long awaited romantic dinner is on the cards. A new romantic relationship is indicated during this period. You don't feel as pressured, and little things don't seem like big deals. Enjoy this period of interpersonal harmony. Some of you who have been in love for a while now, it is advisable that you pay attention to what your partner needs before the relationship turns sour.

Those of you waiting to fall in love, please hold on for a little but longer; a new person may just be around the corner but not ready for love yet. Keep your spirits high and alive. Around the middle of the month, your chances of meeting someone special are on the cards. However, it would require an initiative from your end; grab the opportunity and convey your true feelings to this person you have fallen in love with. If you have come across someone and are in a dilemma about revealing your feelings to this person, go ahead full steam.

Your special someone is in a similar dilemma and revealing your feelings will help in a positive way, for sure.

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More than thinking of anything else, the end of the month is a time to pamper and take special care of yourself and your own wishes for a change. This month, as long as you are totally focused on your goals your career path should be without any obstacles and should give you a lot of satisfaction. Students might have to study harder though if you are to do well in your upcoming examinations.

Some of you may be relieved of the tension of arranging funds for your further studies as you may win a scholarship or land a part time job. This period might pose a bit of confusion for parents as you cannot decide which course of study would be best for your child. It would be best if you do not allow this to become an issue and take the advice of a career counsellor instead.

Capricorn FRIDAY 27 September 2019 TODAY Daily Horoscope Capricorn 2019 27th Sep Weekly

Some of you government officials may be promoted. Any problems that you were facing with your co-workers will be resolved now making the atmosphere at work much pleasant. Students of management studies will not only do well in your studies but may also land some excellent job offers. If you are planning to go abroad for higher studies you will do best to wait for some time. Media professionals could face stiff competition at work so you must be prepared. Those in sales and marketing might get an excellent job offer.

Financially this month will prove to be an excellent one for you and you will have nothing much to complain about. Businessmen will prosper as you earn huge profits. Those of you in the banking sector will see an increase in your income that will ease your financial difficulties if any. Those of you who had been in debt for some time now will get relief from this thanks to a sudden increase in your income. This is a good time to look at various investment options too.

The share market shows indications of bringing you major gains in due course of time. Those of you in the travel industry will do very well for yourselves. Some of you might be given monetary rewards for your excellent performance at work. Make sure you spend this money wisely as you are prone to overspending this month. Businessmen are advised not to consider getting into any partnerships as this is not the right time for it.

This month will be excellent for those of you who are self-employed. You will get some really good offers and accrue major profits at this time. Those of you in the building industry like architects and contractors will see more work coming your way. This month will go quite smoothly for you where health is concerned.

Capricorn Money Horoscope | Capricorn Money Astrology

You will be in a good mood for most of the time which will have a positive impact on your overall well-being. You should take special care of your children as they run the risk of being sunburnt while playing outside. Some of you may be prone to coming down with fever so avoid catching a chill as far as possible. Pregnant women need to be very careful about your diet now so as not to develop any complications later. All you young adults should relax and avoid stress as much as possible. Taking up yoga or meditation will help.

Elderly people will finally find a solution to the stomach related problems that have been troubling you for the past few days. This is the best time for you to take up an exercise regimen to improve your health.

Capricorn General horoscope Year

Some of you might be prone to coughs and colds so you should protect yourself against the weather. Capricorn 22nd Dec - 19th Jan. As Venus leaves your career sector today, she wraps up a 24 day visit that has been all about fuelling your professional confidence, attracting opportunities and steering things in a lucrative direction. It definitely helps to have the Moon in your income sector as Venus leaves, with your nose for money sharp.

As the Moon leaves your income sector today, this will leave behind a sharp nose for money and a lucrative sense of direction that couldn't be in better hands. As the Sun and Mars regroup after Venus left your career sector yesterday and as your professional resolve deepens, thanks to the Moon it is with a better sense of where the money is. The Moon has found itself in the right place at the right time and this could have positive financial and professional implications.

Having the Moon in your income sector during Venus, the planet of money's last full day in your career sector is giving you the intuitive read on where the money is, which makes Venus' job of steering this professional year in a lucrative direction a lot easier.