Capricorn daily health horoscope

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Capricorn Health weekly Horoscope gives you great insight into your health and helping you in planning the same. The full moon will be on the sector for the chest area.

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Organs in the chest area are highly active and that can bring minor issues. So, you have to be very careful with your heart.

Minor exercises will be ideal during this week. This is the time to do some breathing exercises.

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That will expand your lungs. You will have to stay away from arguments. Avoid spicy food and dairy products. This is also a good time to check your blood sugar level. The Sun is triggering your knees and knee pit and it is aspecting the sector for chest, lungs and heart area.


This is a good time to take care of your full body. You need more calcium as knee bones are activated. You will get it from natural sources like seeds, cheese, yogurt, green leafy vegetables, and almonds. For chest area, breathing exercises and cardio will be good, only if your health permits it. Your upper abdomen also will get activated with an aspect from Mercury and Venus.

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That will trigger your liver and gall bladder as well. Your thighs and femoral arteries are triggered with multiple planets. You need enough water to keep yourself hydrated. Body fluids are highly activated during this week. The femoral arteries carry the oxygen to the leg area through the blood. So, you will have to protect these areas. These planets are activating neck and shoulder area. So some discomfort in these areas can also be a part of this week.

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Minor issues can come related to these organs as well. There is a lot of work and you have to multitask. There will be some stress related to work as well. Mercury and Venus are triggering the sector for knee and kneecaps, joints and bones. When this sector is activated, then you can get weak knees, or this is a good time to strengthen your knees. You need to closely examine your knee area. Your bones are also very sensitive during this week.

If there is any kind of difficulty, then you should not wait for home remedies. General weakness will be the part of the transit and you will be fine after this. The thighs, left leg, thigh bones, bone marrow, hips, hip joints, and the arterial system are also activated with powerful Mars and the Sun.

This will naturally draw attention to these areas.

Capricorn Today Health Horoscope

Bone health is very important during this phase. Your body needs a lot of rest during this time. The full moon will rise in the sector for the neck and shoulder area, and that can bring some issues regarding this area. There can be work-related issues, like stress and that should not trigger any negative physical energy.