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They can understand each other on a fundamental level, and can even agree on many things, but they will go about living their lives differently. Gemini and Sagittarius are a perfect example. Both are curious and in search of knowledge, both communicate to obtain information. Gemini, however, focuses on the pieces, while Sagittarius focuses on the bigger picture. Therefore Gemini is more adept to remain in their local environment, while Sagittarius is more likely to hop on a plane and roam the world.

You can see how this would play out in a relationship…. Signs that square each other are another story.

Cancer with Leo: Will It Be a Match?

Squares are tense energies. These relationships are the most challenging, as their core personalities differ greatly. There is often friction in these relationships and heated battles. If you want a challenge, this is the relationship for you. Generally, Trines and Sextiles are beneficial, meaning the enhance the energy of each sign. Sextiles doing this through growth. Oppositions are challenging but illuminating. Squares are tense and full of friction but can be broken through.

Moon Sign Compatibility

Now onto Moon Signs. Your Moon Sign determines your reigning emotional need. Meaning what you need to feel fulfilled in your heart. When we feel depressed, happy, angry or content, it is often our Moon Sign which contributed to these feelings. Your Moon sign is one of the most important pieces in your relationship because it tells you what you need from yourself and from another to feel emotionally content. Below is a brief explanation of your Moon Signs. Aries Moon: Your heart needs adventure and a mountain to climb. Taurus Moon: Your heart needs peace and a good home to rest in.

Leo Moon: Your heart needs self-expression and people to appreciate it.

MOON SIGNS: Part 1 (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo)

Virgo Moon: Your heart needs to be of service. Libra Moon: Your heart needs harmony, internal and external. You can pair together your Moon signs just like you did your Sun Signs. Are you and your partner in a trine, a square, opposing or sextile with your Moon signs? Lastly, we have our Venus Sign.

Good Traits

Venus is the planet of love and in our chart shows us how we love. Often how we love is what attracts our partners. Do you love with big gestures or tender moments? Do you love with speech or touch? Your Venus will show you how you communicate love and often times what you are attracted to in a partner. A brief explanation of Venus Signs is below:.

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Venus in Aries : You love fiercely and passionately. Decisiveness is your main attraction.

Libra Sun Cancer Moon – Personality, Compatibility

Venus in Taurus : You love with all of your senses, especially touch. Venus in Gemini: You love with your tongue- for speech : Communication is the way to your heart. Venus in Cancer: You love through care. You love to nourish and be nourished. Venus in Leo: You love through laughter and a good time. Venus in Virgo: You love through acts of service and healing. Venus in Libra : You love through beautiful surroundings. A sensual home, fragrance in the air, a beautiful scene shows your love and attracts you.

Venus in Scorpio: Quality time is your thing. You show your love through it, and need it to feel loved. Venus in Sagittarius : You love on the road. A journey is how you show your heart and what attracts you. Venus in Capricorn: You love through commitment. Signing a lease together, or at least dedicating a night a week to your partner is how you love.

Venus in Aquarius : You love unconventionally. Venus in Pisces: You love through full immersion. Again, determine how your Venus signs relate to one another. Do they trine? Meaning, do they harmonize each other and bring out the best? Do they Sextile?