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People born on the cusp of two signs often exhibit a unique combination of characteristics of both signs. Have you ever found yourself identifying with certain parts of both the Gemini and the Cancer sections of the horoscope page? This is one of the best astrological blends on the chart for creating inspiring, intelligent, emotional and intuitive individuals. Those born on a cusp get the best of both worlds, and benefit from the elements of each sign that work to compliment one another.

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While Gemini comes first on the astrological calendar, I want to begin by exploring the emotional attributes that Cancer brings to this inspired combination of signs. Cancer is associated with the element of Water and is ruled by the Moon, both of which come together to make this a very emotional sign — which is not necessarily a bad thing. Our society often scoffs at emotions or looks down upon them, but emotions are what enrich our lives and fill our hearts.

Advice for Gemini-Cancer

A Cancer feels emotions deeply, which is a beautiful thing. Additionally, the Moon provides a natural intuition for Cancers, who sense moods in the atmosphere and work to correct negative or uncomfortable vibes with a change of ambiance. The Cancer is adept at feeling the energies of a room and shifting negative vibrations with music, aromatherapy, mood lighting, or simply their own healing energy. Now, too much of anything can be a bad thing, and, yes, the Cancer can be overly sensitive and sometimes moody.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, intelligence, and logic.

Traits & Characteristics of the Gemini/Cancer Cusp

Skip navigation! Story from Horoscopes. In the great, wide world of astrology, compatibility is one of the trickiest subjects to tackle.

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  7. Formulas that may or may not pinpoint your sign's perfect match abound, and it seems like anyone who's ever read a horoscope has a theory of their own to contribute. As Refinery29's resident horoscope writer , I wish I could tell you I'm going to set the record straight on sign compatibility once and for all, but I'm actually going to make a confession.

    Relationship Compatibility of the Cancer-Leo Cusp with Other Signs

    As much as I delight in trying to apply logic and guidelines to matters of the stars in all of the astrological articles I write, I don't follow all of those guidelines in my everyday life. And there's one, in particular, that I tend to eschew: By some astrologers' estimations including those of our friends, the Astrotwins , my boyfriend of four years, Denis, is a Cancer. But, according to others, he's actually a Gemini — which I refuse to believe.

    For the record, Denis's birthday is June 21, which is sometimes called a "cusp" birthday — he was born on a day that, depending on the year, may fall into the date range for Gemini or Cancer. Most astrologers who believe in the "cusp" say any dates between the 18th and the 23rd of the month can go either way.

    As a writer, I try to give all astrological perspectives equal weight. But, as a woman who may read too much into her own horoscope, I have to take a side here. For my own selfish, superstitious reasons, I've made an executive decision about his astrological identity: He is a Cancer, plain and simple. Nothing against Geminis — my mother and some of my best friends are Geminis. But, as a Capricorn, I just cannot believe that I'd ever date one, since Gems and Caps don't always make great couples.

    Relationship Compatibility of the Cancer-Leo Cusp with Other Signs

    Open up to yourself and your loved ones as they do with you! You'll feel relieved, supported, and truly centered. You're a quirky, fun individual who is energized by stimulating conversation and easygoing activities. You need someone who is bright, lively, and will appreciate your sensitive side and stick by you no matter what. Fire signs will bring the excitement and positivity you need to your relationships, but may not be as loyal or present as you'd like. Water signs make wonderful, supportive partners. You may have to deal with their depressive tendencies, but you're already great at that!

    Express yourself! Don't get bogged down by continuously helping others through their emotional breakdowns. If you're overwhelmed trying to juggle your own feelings along with everyone else's, take the time to talk about it -- conversation is one of your strong suits, so use it to your advantage. Stop clamming up about your own insecurities and learn to trust others the way you expect them to trust you. By Tarot. Astrology , Cancer , Cusp , Gemini.