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Local weather permitting, most people in the Western hemisphere will be able to see the Blood Moon eclipse. The best way to view conditions where you live is the fabulous website TimeandDate. Which illustrates what eclipses look like from the point of view of cities around the world, as well as the best times to watch. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Notify me of new posts by email. You may also like. Astrology Hub. View all posts. Livestreams detected a flash of light while viewing the eclipse. It was "likely caused by the crash of a tiny, fast-moving meteoroid left behind by a comet. Originally thinking it was electronic noise from the camera, astronomers and citizen scientists shared the visual phenomenon with each other to identify it.

When totality was just beginning at UT, the tiny speck of light blinked south of a nearly mile-wide crater in the western part of the moon. The location of the impact may be somewhere in the lunar highlands, south of Byrgius crater , according to Justin Cowart, a graduate student in geosciences at Stony Brook University in New York who first saw the flash of light. This may be the first time that a collision, during a total lunar eclipse, was captured on video.

People posted their images and video of a flicker of light as news spread quickly on social media. A paper estimates a mass between 20 to kilograms and diameter of 30 to 50 cm and could cause a meters crater. It is part of Saros cycle A lunar eclipse will be preceded and followed by solar eclipses by 9 years and 5. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Contact points relative to Earth's umbral and penumbral shadows, here with the Moon near its descending node left , and the hourly motion for the January lunar eclipse right.

Austin, Texas , UTC. Lindsborg, Kansas , UTC. Macon, Georgia , UTC. Fox News. The Guardian. Retrieved 21 January Mars will be in an opposition to Saturn and Pluto in mid June Specifically the max danger from the alignment is June 14th to June 19th. June 19th.. Mercury Mars conjunction in opposition to Pluto Moon conjunction. You need to study hard to be one of the "elite" traders who are given the right to trade OPM.. If you are a CTA you have lots and LOTS of paperwork as your side job and based on what I was told if you get behind in said paperwork you are going to get a big fine.

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I used to work with many CTA's because they are NOT taught about the "shit happens" factors that regularly blow them up so they looked to me to identify those times using astrology Such as the bloodbath last month.. The ironic part is markets are now a politically driven crime scene where even using astrology is only marginally helpful. The recent swoon in equity had the CTA's get left at the starting gate and they were late to establish short positions.

After all being a bear the last 10 years was not attractive to OPM so they got short late forced and the last three trading days was about the equivalent of Leon Lett running the wrong way to score a TD for the other team. So what is wrong that even the so the called PROS are bent over over like that.. Price discovery. But Merkel has always had a tin ear for comedy and she soon launched into a dark speech condemning those in her own party who think Germany should have listened to the will of its citizens and refused to sign the controversial UN migration pact:.

Looks to me the days of US military domination of the world is on the brink of defeat. Funny about that even some of my leftist relatives are starting to see what I have been attempting to tell them for YEARS. If so that would mark the wave A low of an ABC bear market. The wave C low of the bear market is still anchored in the early period when Saturn and Pluto are in a conjunction. The move down in is more violent than The only safe play through the entire October - December "episode" was gold. The full moon today represents the emotional peak before the January 5th solar eclipse.

The way an eclipse month usually unfolds is the solar eclipse itself is the "calm" part of the month. LOL dont bet on it.. Just saying. Resistance is at the February lows now so that level is the "tell" if the impulse down is over for now. So the new CON-gress is sworn in on January 3rd. The Chucky and Nancy show reruns. I think watching the market react to democrat "solutions" to the crisis they created is going to be pure comedy.

The end of the eclipse month on January 21 has way more potent aspects than what we just saw. I think gridlock and crazy proposals that cannot pass the senate are going to be rampant. The theatre of the absurd. This nonsense is likely to last all the way up to September with Jupiter and Neptune square dominating.

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I think the dems should go all in and put Ocasio - Cortez in as speaker. Hat tip to Trump his reaction to the Fed raising rates and the other goings on come down to.. Happy solstice. Thinking back at the many shades of Trump.. I think back to August of when it appeared there was a "time out" chair around the time of the great American eclipse. Trump was sent away from the Whitehouse for 3 weeks and came back with a LOT of military in his inner circle. I think back to the blood moon train crash after the State of the Union. Cohen of Goldman was fired soon after that meeting and then Trump seemed to lean even more strongly to a pro Israeli stance.

Was there a deal? My thought about those two incidents was Trump was being cornered by the Rothschild faction of the bankster mafia. Life for Americans went on as normal during that time from March to October. Then came Kavanaugh and the mid term sorta blue wave. A correction in markets has become an avalanche of bad stock market results with chain reaction damage like I think Trump was expecting some major help from his allies at city of London as far as backing the Fed off another rate hike. I think he expected quid pro quo and when that did not happen he did something in retaliation by withdrawing US troops from Syria.

Mattis quit or was fired yesterday.. Trump also has set up a showdown over the wall and a.

So here we sit with a market being hung out a window of a story skyscraper by the heels. Using a football analogy. Trump is like a quarterback with a bad offensive like who is constantly being sacked and run out of the pocket. They are the fallen angles who are in love with themselves and hate anyone else.

According to these zealots, humans are the primary source of climate change and if we do not alter our course the planet will be destroyed. But since humanity apparently lacks the will to end the behaviors which are destroying the planet, many of them also believe that it would be a good thing if we were to be completely wiped out somehow.

Most normal people would never think this way, but these are the sorts of discussions that intellectuals and elitists are now having all the time, and sometimes this bleeds over into the mainstream media. Yep it is torture. They hate us for our holiday. That would be at lows. In other words take back all of the gains since Trump won the election. The message is either you trump supporters start hating the guy or we destroy everything you own. It turns out the Fed is unloading shit assets in a front running of all front runs. Trump behavior in the last 24 hours telegraphs that he knew the fed was going to raise rates again and actually tried to throw the public a bone by withdrawing troops from Syria.

Yea well we will see. Rhitt note. My god this type of market this time of year is unprecedented with the exception of The 1 year anniversary of the screaming high looks like the exact opposite this year. My price target for a low was and BTC came down to very near that level. Bollinger band compression and the break lower in a capitulation and at least a reason now that price is inside the lower band to consider a long position.

The ultimate hedge in a fiat world. Gold and bonds are the popular trade right now. Going to be interesting what the algos do with that technical condition. Yesterday a post on ZH was detailing that there are not enough bears with short positions on to cushion a no bid situation so it stands to reason there must be a rally soon to get them interested in shorting again. Ugly Christmas thanks to the D. Thanks Obama. Thanks Hillary.. The selling started the day after Kavanaugh was sworn in.

I am not alone in seeing the astro from a distance and consider it to be overly exuberant. I normally do not read other astrologers work but had a customer send in the read by the dean of the astro trading community. He also has looked at the Jupiter Neptune Uranus aspects next year and saw it as "usually" bullish energy but what we have seen from the peak in October says otherwise.

I like to compare price pattern with other criminal episodes because psychopaths are not creative and once they find something that works they do it and do it and eventually wear out the ploy. In my mind we are repeating very closely.. If so January could be a few weeks of intense dumping of unwanted positions. The lunar eclipse on January 21 is an emotional peak which seems as of now to be where a low would be seen in an initial decline of a new bear market. Take a look at a historical chart of Dec and January of Why is the usually exuberant astro not boosting morale yet?

This is succeeding to a point where the consequences will come home to roost in January of when Saturn and Pluto are conjunct. If the market is being engineered to make a 4 year low in January traders are looking at level lows.. Naz low just below So what I see is very similar to the - Nixon impeachment period where Jupiter was in Pisces and Neptune was in Sagittarius in a square.

The markets were pinned down in that period and my best guess is we are doing something similar now. I have suspected Trump will NOT run for a second term and if I were him I would be unwilling to put up with the sabotage forever. So back when the mulder minimum was in full blown spotless cold sun period it was VERY cold. The people needed entertainment and in they had a winter festival with snowmen as a main attraction.

A huge burst of creative energy. It became a social network of sorts. A green comet flies by earth today which made me want to look at Hopi prophecy again. The kachina prophecy that has been handed down for millennia is something to pay attention to now.

Eclipses: Cosmic Turning Points

Betelgeuse is labelled alpha Orion even though it is the second brightest star in Orion star behind Rigel. Constellation Orion is drawn as a hunting man, and Betelgeuse sits on his right shoulder. Betelgeuse is one of the largest stars known, and is rapidly shrinking in size at an increasing rate. This has lead to predictions that Betelgeuse will explode into a supernova in the next few years.

Astronomers say it will turn into a supernova at some stage but cannot say when, but when it does it will be as bright as the full Moon. Betelegeuse is located at 28 Gemini. That is degrees opposition from the galactic core now located in very late Sagittarius. The solar eclipse is on January 5th.. Of the three the most excitable period is January In fact the period between January 5th and the 21st is where I expect to see a lot of pent up selling especially in stocks that have huge long term gains. The selling spilled over into January In fact he was the only republican candidate with ANY sign of public support.

Our great national hero John McCain stole the nomination on super Tuesday and proceeded to give Obama the Whitehouse. Gerald Celente weighs in on what is ahead. The fact is, the Romans loved festivals, and 'officially', Saturnalia commemorated the winter solstice, as well as honouring Saturn, the god of agriculture, wealth, and liberation.

During Saturnalia, courts were suspended, as were many laws. Roles were also famously reversed, with slaves becoming masters, and their masters having to serve them. The extent of this varied from house to house. It is most likely that, while servants did have their own formal banquet with the masters serving them, the food was already prepared.

This subject could be one of those stir up your family members at Christmas dinner who don't understand that astrology was the basis of many of our traditions even to this day. In the natural top for that bull cycle was in February when the sub prime debt emoroer was revealed to have no clothes. Almost to the day in the crash pattern that followed was the high was Virginia tech massacre in April. That event changed the equation. The highs put in during the fall of were a rolling top with not much downside action until TWO mini crash declines in December.

The December selling was front running sellers who wanted to wait until January to sell for tax reasons. But off course that is NOT what the banksters wanted and in the end the American people were defrauded of trillion no one knows the exact amount. In were are in same boat as October slightly higher highs.

Sellers wanting to cash out in January being front run with December short term lows. Yet to be seen just how much pent up selling occurs in January. All still waaaay out of bounds to the upside. The astro in late August is very similar to the August astro. Looking at the astro in January of This astro could manifest as Political chaos..

Global cooling. Another concern is WAR. So determined to make reality conform to the model. Once half the world population is starving and freezing they will claim that they "saved us" from certain doom. This is not unlike the attempts to make end of the world religious prophecy come true. I just wish the guy would shut up. He has become a human cartoon character. Selling volatility has been the go to solution for pensions funds and other mindless money managers.

VXX shares have lost over This has been a 10 year run for VXX and this could be the beginning of the opposite trade If VXX went down LOL I doubt that but ya never know. On a shorter-horizon basis, the VXX share price doubled in each of the major volatility spikes of , , , and Interesting indeed. Would it be a hoot if that is the case? Sort of like the sting operations played on miner league criminals. It has appeared the deep state has lifted its boot off the neck of the alt press in the last few weeks.

You tube channels given back to creators. The buyers are hedge-fund scavengers with names like Digital First and GateHouse. A three day candle pattern suggests the low is in at least until year end. A lower low but higher MACD suggests the same. Nasdaq did not make a lower low and is trading a slightly different pattern. The deep state is determined to make every gain a three steps backward outcome. Anyone trading in this type of market has to have a short term timeframe.

In the last "crisis".. The all time highs were registered in October of Some selling took place but not extreme until December when two sharp declines occurred before new years. The sellers who were waiting to put off until new year for tax reasons were forced to sell at a huge discount to the price they could have had in October.

In the selling lasted until the end of January. After the January of low the markets went into an 8 months retrace that was very difficult to trade. Maybe we don't want to use the word rhyming vs "it worked last time" as a reason for repeating this pattern. An extended period of baiting the public in to bite on the dips accomplished that feat. Late August has astro that looks a LOT like the highs. In the new moon in Virgo was conjunct Venus and Mars. In the new moon in Virgo is conjunct Venus and Mars. Waking dreams are where the future comes from..

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We dream the future into existence. I'm a big fan of Stamets. Even if you have seen this before watch it again. I'm of the opinion that mushrooms in general and the psychedelic type in particular represent a cure.. Because we humans come from mushrooms billions of years ago.. They are our oldest ancestors. The war with Lebanon took place in when Jupiter Saturn and Pluto were conjunct. Coming in Jupiter Saturn Pluto conjunction. Did he do what he was accused of? Mars Pluto conjunction in Leo squared to Venus in Scorpio says it is probably worse than is known at present.

LOL he has a hundred million on the line. BTW not too dissimilar to the Hillary natal alignments. Wife Julie Chen had to put in some hard time for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Saturn about to transit squared her natal Uranus and conjunct her Sun Venus conjunction so it looks like she is a loser too. Over under in the divorce filling is at best a few months from now. Is history repeating. Is this a historical recycling of the original? We cant afford to be innocent The French are fed up with being used as a political tax cow for global warmists.

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In the bible story Samson pulls the temple down on himself to kill his enemy. In the geopolitical world this "pulling of the temple down" is called the Samson option. If Israel is threatened the whole world comes crashing down on everyone in a nuclear war. This is nuclear blackmail. I am hoping for a reprieve short term as the markets are on the brink of crashing in a type way right now. I still think the astrological aspects point to a high before a massive style market crash in August - September of Retrace high or all time high is the question.

The Saturn Pluto conjunction in early lands in a timeline location in the election cycle where the primaries are that will determine who the two party nominees is determined. Is everything happening now a lead in to that point on the timeline? Tax evasion is the single easiest way to put a criminal enterprise down.

The tax rules, codes, statutes and the rule of law should and must be applied in this case. Go figure.. The French people are not interested in a globalist scheme to tax farm the country based on a now obvious deception about "warming". Hint to the French government.. Don't try to convince people they need to be taxed on fuel as winter sets in. New moon in Sagittarius today so if a low is going to become support it seems like today would be a day to see some resolution of the confusion. Bolton says he knew in advance of the dinner with Xi that the arrest of a Chinese citizen was taking place..

The question is did Trump know. I wonder if Trump likes to be treated like Jimmy Carter. Looking back at the Mayan calendar end of the 4th world..

by Fred Espenak, GSFC Planetary Systems Laboratory

Was that the tipping point? The geo-engineered superstorm Sandy has a potential of being the marker on the timeline. Underground homes could be the key to survival. Modern day caves. My house on Mount Nebo is on a south facing hillside with the potential for it becoming the site of a mostly self heating semi underground structure. This type of property is not an easy find. All signs point to at least a cold period equal to the Mulder minimum.

Was the arrest announced yesterday a revelation of China already using a social credit system on Americans? So just as things were calming down in the trade war's potential to spook markets we have a mistimed arrest of a top Chinese executive. Interesting this was on December 1st. What was seen was a run on bears stops Sunday which was a classic Goldman move.. Justice Department declined to comment about the circumstances involving the CFO, although the biggest question on everyone's mind right now is whether Trump was aware of the pending arrest at the time of his dinner with the Chinese president, and why exactly he had greenlighted the move which would certainly result in another diplomatic scandal, promptly crushing and goodwill that was generated at the G dinner.

Mars and Neptune were conjunct yesterday and squared to the sun. Mars and Neptune conjunction will be past exact on December 8th. Mars Neptune stress aspects favor dirty tricks and I wonder if the arrest was "planned" to be a reaction to China failure to do a deal and then went on anyway even when that apparently was not the case? Was this a case of someone not getting the memo or was it a blatant attempt to make Trump look bad? Or is this the way Trump does business?

Venus enters Sagittarius

So it appears to me I have overestimated the potential for the market to complete a relief rally. As of right now the market is hanging over an abyss which could go impulse down. If so all bets are off for a year end rally and I would suggest getting out of the way. MR FLY says. Hard angle aspects from Saturn and Uranus the culprit in the periods that lasted more than one year.

The next one of those is in January - February of Oh and then I read this. Humm Marty says BTW he is using math not astrology as far as I know. He does seem to come up with dates that are very relevant astrologically.

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Therefore, if look at that timing, it would appear that 4. If we throw in all the economic problems we see coming with pensions and a monetary crisis on top of all of that, I would not count of being a normal presidential election. It may be the most violent event in American political history. Looks like a match in a gasoline can to me. The exact Saturn Uranus square lands on February 17th. One lunar month exactly after the inauguration.

Whoa nelly are we going to have Ocasio-Cortez elected president? I suspect that myths are basic patterns for us humans to live out in our own personal way. The asteroid is almost perfectly cube-shaped and it stretches credulity that this object is natural. The craft is currently preparing to perform several touch-and-go maneuvers to sample the object's surface and return the material to Earth.