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Fascinated by astrology and the concept of AstroCartoGraphy, I made an appointment to have a reading. And our guests define this land as a sacred space.

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Looking back, I know that by using astrological knowledge, I am able to create a healing space and share one of the most beautiful places on earth. Our waterfalls face a wall of native orchids, where the fluorescent blue butterflies dance in the mist, the Jaguarondi sip a cool drink as they pass, glancing to the monkeys and Toucan in the forest.

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Thank you Maya, for giving me insight through the sacred art of astrology that opens up the Bounties of the Universe! Back Monthly Horoscope. Saturn shows where you have to do some hard work. It is where you enjoy relaxing times with your pets, and for some it is where you work. There are three desirable attributes that people seek when choosing a place to live their lives and bring up their family.

Once in the town they may move to the city and then then move to bigger cities which can pay more. This motivation is changing as technology improves and we seen the upsurgence of the modern day nomad working in the gig economy. The reasons families emigrate from their home country is typically for economic or political reasons. But it can be for work.

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One client of mine has three grown up children but she chooses to live near the daughter who has kids of her own, or the grandchildren. This is a huge draw. Granny and grandpa bring their time, energy and financial support to the next generation of the family, People move to the place where their kids and the grandkids live. You may not have much choice on the city you move to. A city with talent is shown where there are new emerging companies which attract agile and innovative minds.

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This will percolate down into the city and suburbs in general. A city that encourages talent will have simple leisure activities like places to rent a bike in the city or trails for hiking at weekends to attract a healthy lifestyle. Discovering tolerance in a city can be as easy as seeing the visible minorities being represented in the diverse faces of the crowds on the streets. Tolerance is shown by a multitude of religious buildings that cater to every faith where everyone can worship in their own way.

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As you walk the streets, travel on the busses and trains, and sit in the sidewalk cafes you will hear many languages other than English. Tolerance is about protecting children and minors but allowing adults to make their own lifestyle choices. Tolerance is about accepting others as they are without forcing your view onto them and they in turn not trying to change you.

It is shown as respect for people of the human race without prejudice. The upswing of computers, cell phones and general technology is a powerful attraction for most western people.


Places that have strong internet and information technology innovation will be home to many small to medium sized computer businesses. Look for advertised social and community meetings for coders and tech people as an indication of a thriving technology city. Notice if there are multiple phone companies and internet service providers. Find out if there is intelligence built into new buildings known as smart buildings being erected in the city core.

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Older residential buildings with no wifi capabilities are a sign of a lack of technology and the expectation of a lack by the people. These places will require extensive modernisation to bring the technology up-to-date. From the moment you arrive look, listen and smell the city. Talk to everyone, the cab driver, the hotel desk clerk and real people who live and work there already. Find out why they stay.

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  4. Ask them what they do at the weekends and not just the standard tourist spots because you know them already from your at home research , but where the locals shop, eat and relax. You have a birth chart that is set for the place you were born and this is your natal chart and stays with you forever. But, every time you move from where you were born there is a new chart to be calculated and this is your relocation chart for that place. Every place will have a new chart for you.

    Astrology and Relocation

    Knowing what your location chart says and whether it integrates well with your natal chart and therefore if you thrive and fare well in that place or not is the skill of relocation astrology. Relocation astrology can play into your decisions if you have moved or are thinking of moving across the country or around the world.

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