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The book ventures into history, myth, birth chart interpretation and more, and steers clear of becoming too technical or esoteric as it gets into more complex topics.

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Astrology for Yourself by Douglas Block and Demetra George is an introduction to astrology and a workbook for understanding your own birth chart. It is for someone that is prepared to take a more contemplative approach. This book expertly guides you toward a full understanding of your birth chart.

The authors taught astrology and know how to introduce the topic step-by-step. This workbook is ideal for those who are looking to develop their own interpretations. The basic qualities of the signs and planets are given, and the book includes a space for personal insights, as well as journal entries. Share Flipboard Email.

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Updated March 27, Every year on your birthday, you get a solar return horoscope that affects you for the next six months. The nice thing is you can change it by being in a different location on your birthday. This book shows you how. Author: Bob Marks Available online at: Amazon.

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Author: Demetra George. The most exciting discovery of the author is that when asteroids with names the same as, or similar to, those of yourself or significant others are added to your birth chart, their positions describe you or those significant others. First he tells us that Sun-Sign books are crap, and then he recommends one!

Besides - this is simply the best Sun-Sign book ever. If you want to purchase some good astrology books, try the following:. Dictionary of Medical Astrology A compilation of astrological terms Physical,Emotional and Mental and disease significators used in traditional medical astrology.

A competent medical astrologer can analyze a person's birth chart and determine bodily strengths and weaknesses, proneness to various disease states and nutritional deficiencies. Author: Nona Gwynn Press.

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Astrology Links. Author: Diane Cramer. How to Give an Astrological Health Reading Medical Astrology is the branch of astrology that deals with the workings of the human body. Perhaps one of the coolest aspects of the field is how personal it is. Any person can dive into the realm of astrology, and find a way to connect with it in their own way. Whether or not you believe in the teachings of astrology, you can't deny that it's a fascinating subject. Astrology has been used in countless ways over the centuries, and it's been influenced by many different cultures.

People have been using it for thousands of years to tell stories, read into human behavior, and understand the world around them. So, if you're looking to learn more about the wide world of astrology, these excellent books are a great way to get started:. This book will teach everything, including how to make your own birth chart.

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Click here to buy. In Astrology for Writers , Corrine Kenner instructs you on how to use astrology to get your creative juices flowing. She uses elements of fiction as a guidepost to break down all the tenets of astrology.