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These are ethereal concepts which cannot be described in concrete language. These can be comprehended only by the use of proper keys to the various hidden forces operating on man. These keys are difficult to obtain but the occult teachers have indicated different clues to unravel the mysteries of hidden spiritual force. The stellar science revealed the special line on which individual was progressing. Astrology to be useful must recognize the different stages of spiritual unfoldment. The present study suggests some of these principles which could illuminse the mind of the reader and help him in his quest for self realization and the knowledge of his ultimate goal.

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Bepin Behari on Scorpio

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The author makes this subject eminently readable and cuts through the obscurity of the centuries to present a clear and effective science with a deep psychological background and underpinning. Seller Inventory AAS Seller Inventory ZZN. Item added to your basket View basket. Proceed to Basket. View basket. This was indeed a very encouraging comeback. VIII Temptation to make use of the subject for undesirable objec- tives however could not be checked. During the second world war, each side began to recruit astrologers to read the charts of army generals and to seek astrologer's help in destroying the enemy's manoeuvres.

The revelations of the hidden messages of Mature became a means for acquiring personal glory and helping the efforts to destroy humankind. The cessation of armed hostilities brought to the fore the emergence of many new political parties and a new brand of industrialists. They became regular customers of this new commodity. Every street comer became lull of 'astrol- ogers' who could predict the fluctuations in the stock exchange, the fate of political parties, and behaviour of other countries.

It was a period of great expansion of the astrological market. This deflected the gaze of serious students from the basic objectives of the occult science and in competition with newly emerging brand of astrologers, they could not succeed in retrieving the earlier grandeur of the subject. There have been two main developments for serious concern. First, the growing technological advancement along with its social and psychological fall-out made the new physical scientists much against astrology. Second, the ancient seers had emphasised the need for austerities and spiritual code of life for those who practised this subject for revealing future to others.

This was a very difficult requirement which very few persons could or were pre- pared to practise. Thus there has been a revolt against the revival of ancient astrology in the new world. It required that those who delved in this subject acknowledged the reality of the unseen forces and the unseen deities.

Those who did not have occult siddhisand clairvoyance vehemently denied such possibilities. Yet they liked to experiment and assess the validity of astrological predictions. They are the persons who present the greatest hin- drance against the propagation of ancient astrology. A new factor relevant in the present context has been the approach even of the present day serious astrologers. There are many pious astrologers who are practising the subject in right earnest but they consider that the knowledge is concerned only with predictions of one's future and suggestion of palliatives.

But there is a positive aspect of the subject as well. Astrology is not concerned only with maladies, afflictions, and sorrows of life; it is also not concerned only with child births, promotions and mar- riages. Presently, many thoughtful persons have begun question- ing the purpose of living, meaning of death, the basic causes of their adverse conditions of life and such other matters. They are concerned with fundamental questions of sorrows, anomalies of IX life-conditions, and the best suited course for them in their life's unfoldment.

These are some of the questions with which astrolo- gy is, in fact, vitally related. This is a new dimension in the emerging scenario of astrological counselling. The present study aims at showing the relevance of astrology in this context. The present study throws some new light atleast on five aspects of astrological counselling. First, the emerging attitude to astrology does not require silencing the opponents and the psuedo-scientists who are increasingly becoming impatient with and even afraid of growing popularity and new proofs of the validity of astrological predictions and its rationale.

There are some astrologers who think that the so called 'scientists' must be silenced otherwise their astrologers' profession, earnings and sustenance would be jeopardised. But in case, new scope of astrological counselling is accepted and the astrologers reorient themselves to new dimensions of astrology and wean themselves away from sensationalism, their apprehensions could to a great extent be eliminated.

Second, the new astrological science should take into consid- eration the wisdom-base of world religions in deeper understand- ing of astrological principles. About two and a half decade ago, when we brought out our An Introduction to Esoteric Astrology, we aimed at showing that the ancient religions of many world reli- gions have much to contribute to the understanding of zodiacal signs and the planetary disposition.

Later, when we brought out A Study in Astrological Occultism, we tried to show that astrology is a part of the science which tries to understand deeper impulses working in manifestation: astrological principles and horoscopic predictions are based on the recapitulation of the cosmogenetic principles and the direction to which the world is moving.

It also tried to indicate that astrological principles could be helpful in one's yogic practices. In Myths and Symbols of Vedic Astrology, we discussed in depth how zodiacal signs, planets and nakshatras are parts of extensive occult forces working behind human evolution and how the ancient seers had explained these laws in mystery languages and symbols which could be studied with advantage by us.

In the present study we have devoted a major portion of the study in giving certain basic principles of this line of research which can be effectively pursued further by those who wish to do so. Third, the study attempts to discuss the goal of one's evolutionary course which could to some extent be discovered on the basis of astrological principles already available with us in classical texts. Every event in our life is directed towards accomplishment of our goal in life.

This goal assumes an effective integration of different aspects of our personality. Modem psy- chology has already explored this aspect of our life to a great extent. On the basis of astrological principles, this line of study can be pursued further taking individual uniqueness into consid- eration in counselling and study, thus making astrology related with brighter aspects of life.

It may even lead to confident living despite various sorrowful and difficult conditions of existing situ- ations. Fourth, it solves some of the enigmas of astrological laws which one finds in classical treatises. The various planetary com- binations , as well as descriptions of planetary disposition need to be understood in the changing situations of modem society. The effects of exalted planets, Pancha Mana Purusha Yogas. Kala Sarpa Yoga are some of the planetary combinations which often baffle astrology students.

Principles like Bhavat Bhavam which have been indicated in classical texts but not well explained have been discussed in this study to clarify and guide its utilisation in a better and more meaningful way. Fifth, and the most important contribution of this study is to indicate the manner in which some of the sorrowful events in one's life could be traced to their origin in earlier lives and how they could be effectively counteracted.

The palliatives such as gems, mantras, charities, etc. Generally, these mala- dies appear to them at a later stage and in some cases with greater virulence. An effective remedy against them lies in psychological reorientation of oneself and initiating counterveiling forces. The lessons from adverse forces have to be learnt and life-pattem suitably altered in order to align oneself with one's inner impul- sions.

Adeeper study of patterns in one's horoscope unveils some of these features. This study in fact is not meant to be exhaustive. It only aims to show and suggest some new angles from which to approach the ancient Indian astrology which could operate as a guide to one's everyday living. In preparation of this study much thought has gone over a long duration. Many persons have helped in its evolution.

Many editors and astrologers have cooperated and supported the concretisation of this volume. Raman enabled me to share my early thoughts on some of these subjects with his readers. Santhanam, the founder of The Times of Astrology, Mew Delhi, and its discerning editor from its inception provided me valuable facilities for giving vent to my emerging ideas.

With- out his help and assistance many of these ideas would have died in absence of proper nourishment. Even many overseas publicatons rendered their cooperation in this undertaking. The author is very much thankful to all these editors for their cooperation and assistance. In the end, the author would like to accord his thanks and gratitude to a large number of his friends and well-wishers without whose constant encouragement this publication could have been only at the subjective plane without any actualisation.

But they wish to be unnamed and to be only in the background as benef- icent spring wind which sweeps over the seeds to sprout them without wanting anything for itself. If it is in the nature of my well- wishers to help me in such a way without their coming to the fore, 1 would rather succumb to their influence than show a will of my own. I am however very grateful to them. The reader will often find an unusual aroma of influences pervading throughout the study.

It makes me feel that I have been merely a mouthpiece of invisible thought-currents circulating these days in the astrological world. I am extremely grateful to these unseen powers which have enabled me to articulate them. The real test of the usefulness of this effort however lies with readers; if they feel aroused to new thought currents, whether in conformity with these or at variance with them, the author will consider his efforts successful. I am also thankful to the readers for their perusal and study of this book; it makes me feel immensely satisfied that the effort is rewarded.

There is much in this publication which new as well as advanced students will find useful and if they consider it worth- while to send me their comments, I shall be very appreciative of their response. Raman RamakrishnaParamahamsa Smt. Margaret Thatcher Dr. Occasionally there occurs vehement outbursts from ill-informed and misguided physical scientists against this ancient occult science.

It is accepted as an ancient subject widely known and beheved as a subject of tremendous importance by ah great civilisations of the world. Human ancestors in every ancient society recognised it as a divine science and practised it in many forms. But, HP. Blavatsky, the greatest occultist of the nineteenth century, very truly affirmed that "astronomy and physiology are the bodies, astrology and psychology their informing souls; the former being studied by the eye of sensual perception, the latter by the inner or 'soul-eye'; and both are exact sciences".

The growing interest in such occult sciences as astrology, yoga, psychometry, psychic perception, dream analysis, and so on, almost in all parts of the world, specially in the so called materialistically advanced countries, proved that the teeming bil- lions have been eagerly trying to develop their 'soul-eye'. The growth and development of their physical senses and organs has presently been almost stagnant but the scientists have collected much evidence to show that the consciousness of man is limitless and immense scope exists for its development.

Psychology, is now accepted as a science which could open vast panorama of human psyche. This science is enabling modem man to take a radically different view of life. In many ways, psychological knowl- edge has begun to help the human individuals in understanding their fellow beings and their environment in a radically different manner. A similar change in outlook is imminent with regard to astrol- ogy if this subject could be properly comprehended and its deeper principles well explored. It reveals many universal forces operat- ing on the growth and development of our consciousness and relationships.

Their knowledge and understanding could alter our life and social intercourse; it may affect our aspirations towards and confidence in divinity of man. The modem man Is not in touch with his ancient heritage and he is still learning to appreci- ate the wider ramifications of this science.

He has still to know how much useful this subject could be. But, here and there, we find persons who are led by their inner voice or by their intellec- tual insight to feel that astrology has a legitimate place in our life and for personal guidance in many areas of our existence it is very effective. The progress of our society to a great extent depends on such enlightened rational human individuals.

The classical texts have given very abstruse and difficult principles for the prognostication of intricate and complex occur- rences in our daily life. The horary and the mundane astrology have been practised by many astrologers to such an exactitude that the historians and the police have often been baffled. The special areas of the experts cannot be usurped by the novice. However, there are many other ways in which the common man could take advantage of astrological knowledge.

Most importantly, the human individual is primarily interested in knowing his basic attributes on the basis of which he could decide his course of life's journey specially in such areas as vocational choice, finan- cial possibilities, proneness to different malignant diseases and accidents. The quality of one's inner urges on the basis of which one could decide the line of yogic discipline which he should follow may be discovered with the help of astrology.

All these are necessary and helpful but in order to assess the nature and grade of his horoscope on the basis of which he would be able to assess the chances of occurrences of the events predicted, it is necessary that he is aware of certain intricacies of planetary influences. In this connection, one should know the inherent characteristics of one's Ascendant, Moon and the Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu apart from astrological phenomena such.

Without some idea of the lunar man- sions, or nakshatras, which exercise immense power and were very well recognized for their importance even by the Vedic seers, finer appreciation of one's horoscope would not be possible. The exposition of directional astrology is necessary and that could be easily found by working out the degree of the natal Moon and then applying the result to any good ephemeris.

More important than this, however, is the influence of transits which very easily mar or help the effects of the ruling planets. These technical details would be helpful in order to evaluate the astrological effects on one's fife. One may like to see the working of God in his special case: how the Supreme is shaping him towards his archetype. This would require the individual to have a knowledge of his Ray and how developed are his various "principles" : These are very complex subjects, but the common man should at least try to grasp this knowledge which would reduce much of his frustra- tions.

The soul unfolds the consciousness of the individual by gradually energising and vitalising his various "principles" and "Rays". Every individual progresses on his individual ray which has much deeper implications than one superficially appreciates it. Astrologically we are told that the Sun is the soul of this universe and it sends specialised rays.

The Sushumna is said to energise the Moon. One does not know the detailed working of these rays, but Varahamihira has been very clear in enunciating that all the planets, the nakshatras and the signs of the zodiac are dependent on the Sun. Limiting ourselves only to the Sun's seven rays and linking them to the planets, when we analyse them further we find that the seven rays of the Sun produce special temperamental conditions for the human indi- viduals.

At early stages of the soul's growth, the characteristics of these rays are not very specialised and much mixed up effects are present, but gradually these are differentiated. Finally, the Sun would produce the ray of power working on Atomic level and expressing itself in highly specialised administrative skill evolving on which the individual could become great emperors of Suryabansi kings type; it is on this ray that Manus are incarnated. The second ray is that of the Moon on which greatly developed Buddhic principle leads the individual to reflect Divine Wisdom and propound them for human goodness and their salvation.

The Lord Buddha and Jesus Christ exemplify incarnations at the apex of this ray. This is the ray of wisdom. The third is that of intellect, of the great thinkers whose mind or manas is highly energised. They are logical persons who work in a specific way because they have been intellectually satisfied with that course of action. They are under the influence of Mercury. The Sun, Moon and Mercury are thus considered to function on the consciousness side of life.

They are very active in the realm of subjective or the inner side of life. Mars is the scientist; the temperament concerned with this planet is engaged on the physical side of life, but it is very much concerned with working out its inner elan, and to utilise it on the external plane. The scientists discovering these latent principles try to manipulate them for external or physical advantage. The sixth Ray is associated with Jupiter and exoteric religions consisting of much rituals and strict adherence to rehgious observances. The seventh Ray under the influence of Saturn specialises in concretising grand ideas and thus they are highly skilled in arts, architecture and that type of activities.

Venus, which is unique in many ways and which is much misunderstood as well, produces harmony among differ- ent types. Venus is concerned with individuals who apparently do not contribute anything special from their own side but synthesise the ways of living, Tfioughts, and differences expressed In different departments of life. Such a synthetic approach to life is the special gift of Venusian harmony. These specialised Rays go so much deeper to the very core of individual's life that his mode of shopping, type of books he reads, the nature of people he asso- ciates with and the vocation he adopts are all influenced by these Rays.

One has however to note that even when the individual has begun to be differentiated, at early stages, two or more rays get suffused and it is only gradually that the primary and secondary Rays emerge. Any professional astrologer would find it difficult to identify the special ray of the individual because it requires much inward search in the mental state of one's being. It is an explora- tion in one's psychology, which none else, not even a psychologist can do effectively, but once the individual is able to establish a rapport with one's own inner being, with one's own inner working of the mind and is able to relate that with different planets, it would give immense power in his hand for re-building his own life and shaping it in the destined manner.

On this path of exploration, the individual should be able even to identify the nature of his various sheaths or koshas of which various occult literature have spoken. Adi Gum Sankaracharya has described the various human sheaths in great detail.

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An identification of these sheaths with different planets has not so far been exoterically given out. Based on scattered hints, one speculates that the physical or the Annamaya kosha is linked with Saturn. Jupiter is connected with that aspect of one's body which absorbs solar globules and imparts health and vitality to the human constituion.

On the effective circulation of this energy in his health aura depends the physical wellbeing of the person. It provides an effective shield against invasion from different mala- dies. Mac is connected with astral or emotional nature of the person. How much of the instinctive reaction or involuntary im- pulses control the person is indicated by this planet. The capacity to sympathetic vibration and the power to identify one's feelings with others result from the nature and development of this sheath, Selfishness, self-centredness, cravings of different kinds and ruth- lessness of temperament are expressions of this body when it is not very purified, but once impurities are purged out, philan- thropy, martyrdom, susceptibility to other persons' sorrows are the qualities of this body.

The healthy growth of an integrated personality depends upon well formed emotional body; personal- ity defects, specially of the psychological kind, arise when there is some impediment to the free flow of pure energy in this sheath. The lower mind is linked with Mercury and the higher one with Venus.

Then comes the Buddhic level linked with Moon and the highest principle known as Atmic one is connected with Sun. The triad consisting of Atma-Buddhi-Manas represented by the Sun, Moon and Mercury contains within itself the eternal component of the individuality which in essence is the quintes- sence of all experiences and all understanding of life. That is what one ordinarily calls the soul. This triad is linked with the lower quaternary consisting of Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

They are the progenitors of the material counterpart of the being, which dissolves and incarnates at each birth. The relationship between these seven planets gives the clue regarding the harmony prevail- ing at various levels of the individual. By understanding this harmony, it is possible to know the health or otherwise of the specific sheath which could enable combing up operations lead- ing to cleansing of the sheath so that the hints and suggestions coming from the Atimic level could flow smoothly.

Often one comes across many inexplicable problems con- fronting the individual in his every day struggle. Some traits of character or some happenings may not be the usual characteris- tics based on the mie of normalcy. These are the occurrences about which the individual enquires from astrologers. He wants to know as to why such things happen to him. In a general way, all the planets influence the individual according to the law of karma, but there are two planets in the Hindu astrology which are consid- ered particularly significant in this regard.

The importance of Rahu and Ketu is great. Some illness, misfortune, temperamental diffi- culties, marital unhappiness, vocational upsettings and great psy- chological sorrows result from the impact of these two planets. Sometimes other planets, like Mars and Saturn also come into play in this regard, but they are mainly the acting agents while the basic karmic causes are indicated by Rahu and Ketu.

A knowledge of this situation would enable the native to take proper care to counter the tendency so that har- mony is achieved in his life and the karmic impediment is re- moved for ever. Without a knowledge of the conditions and the direction in which countervailing efforts are needed, the indi- vidual would be buffetted by the circumstances occurring in his life for which he has no explanation and which would continue troubling him immensely. Rahu and Ketu show the areas where special care is needed for the permanent happiness of the indi- vidual.

Equipped with such knowledge given by the planets, the individual can study his horoscope to assess if his particular life is important or not. In this regard, one has to consider whether affluence is the most important aspect of one's life or the so- called unhappy events have greater value in orienting his life to his soul-ward direction.

This assessment could impart to the individ- ual a sense of fulfilment and would also give him confidence in himself. The significance of illness and misfortune coming to his life would also change. The choice of profession and adjustment problems in service and employment may become easier with this kind of information. But the most important contribution of astro- logical knowledge is the discovery of the path of return generally known as yoga which the individual could practise for achieving his end result.

One of the special outcome of astrological studies, apart from knowledge of the self, is an insight into the metaphysical basis of cosmogenesis. Generally, questions relating to the origin of the universe, the beginning of the earth cycle, the advent of man on this earth and the course of spiral growth of human civilisation are all speculative when one studies them as a part of philosophy. But when astrology is studied in its deeper aspect, the knowledge about God, evolution, creative intelligences, the septenary princi- ples in life, the trials or crucifixion and the stories relating to Mystery Schools prevalent in almost all ancient esoteric religions become more real.

What is still more important is the advance indications of the future course of events, whether for the individ- ual, society, or the world. With this kind of knowledge, one could consider them rationally and if found justified, the intelligent men of the world could take up those hints and suggestions and begin working for either their own unfoldment and orientation, or for working towards a new society.

What more useful subject could there be than that which helps unfoldment of one's latent poten- tialities, forewarns the coming events and reveals the future to- wards which one could work for a better and happier society? Astrological Counselling Presently interest in astrology has become so universal that one has to open any international journal to find extensive advertisements for providing astrological services. These advertisements refer to cartomancy, mediumship, unique method of Egyptian fortune-telling, psychometry, tarot method of foreseeing clairvoyance, etc.

These methods are expected to yield effective results even from a distance in delicate matters of personal life, return of affection, matrimonial difficulties, predictions relating to race horses and professional difficulties. In every metropolis of the world there are reputed crystal gazers to whom the customers of all levels of the society flock to get 'predictions' made. There is however a possibility that these very customers in public utterances would denounce such professions as superstition and primitive but inwardly and privately they would seek their advice on urgent personal matters.

So to disregard these public utterances of the so-called rational and scientifically oriented intellectuals and to assume that the interest in a positive way is growing very fast in the present-day world are realistic assumptions. This belief is shared by a larger number of individuals in different countries.

Though in India this movement is yet to gather momentum, in the West it has almost become a craze to learn astrology. As a result of this popularity gained in favour of astrol- ogy, many schools of doubtful character have sprung to cater for the mass curiosity.


In the name of Hindu astrology, Egyptian method of fortune-telling, Chinese system of divining future and of such other ancient civilisations, the popular interest in the subject is being exploited and there is none to protect the unwary individuals and to guide them in the right direction. The present trend makes it apparent that there is a growing desire among the people to understand the occult world and to mobilise the forces arising and operating in this realm of our existence to advantage. Whether out of ignorance, curiosity, or their helplessness, individuals have begun desiring to overcome their troubles by several non-physical means known to them.

In this process, they have consciously or unconsciously begun to believe that there are nonphysical forces which are operating on the affairs of men. They may not be aware of the exact mechanism by which the physical conditions of the individuals are influenced by the future, which may be epitomised as God, Mature, or by any other name, but there is a growing belief in a possibility of altering the course of one's likely events.

Mot only are they aware of the possibility of altering the future course of events, but also to the fact that the future can be comprehended. That is, the human mind can overcome the time-barrier.

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Qrowing psychism of the modem world is an offshoot of this tendency. Another important deduction from the present trend is related to human belief in the powers of the stars. Those who seek to decipher the messages for them in the movement of the stars, at the back of their mind, think that the various stars somehow or the other are capable of causing the return of one's affection, remove illnesses and such other human maladies, or influence the possi- bility of their professional preferment.

If delays in marriages or the recurrent destruction of pregnancies could be avoided by plane- tary propitiation, the tiny stars must be highly powerful. By such interrelationships the man has extensively, though vaguely, begun to realise that the extra-terrestrial influences on him are quite powerful.

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He not only believes in such a relationship but also in that these forces work in accordance with certain principles. These principles can be known and are known to some persons. They have established certain harmonious ralationships between certain human acts such as offerings, sound vibrations of mantras, wearing of certain metals and gems, and warding off of certain maladies based on some kind of relationship between planets and certain categories of persons, such as Jupiter with Brahmins and Saturn with foreigners as well as due to some relationship be- tween certain planets and some identified function of these stellar influences.

To every imaginative person it would therefore be- come clear that the physical world of ours and everyday events in it are believed to form a part of the wider cosmic interrelationship. The human individual is no longer confined to himself and to his immediate environment. His relationship with the stars goes so deep that his thoughts and emotions, his capacity to learn and to express himself, his scientific or artistic talents, his approach to life and to religion, his dictatorial or submissive attitudes are all. This being so, it is logical to consider that man basically consists of various "prin- ciples" each of which has very intimate links with the distant stars.

Moreover, astrology is proving to be very effective in prognosticat- ing mundane events and the events have very closely followed the predicted course. It implies that the society which comprises of various human beings and others is closely connected with the distant stars. The man, and other beings of the world, the phe- nomenal events, and the planets are closely related.

In such a relationship, it is not justified to consider man as an atomistic individual. The metaphysical statement that the man is the cos- mos, not necessarily only a reflection of it or constituting all the ingredients of which the cosmos is built, but because he is the very cosmos in its totality, makes it imperative that he cannot be conceived in isolation of others. In such a case it is necessary to reassess the role of man in the world. Even if this question is not now presented in its deeper metaphysical aspect, the contempo- rary movement towards the occult will necessarily lead the com- mon man to begin putting these questions very soon.

The philos- ophers of the modem age have already begun moving in this direction. These philosophers have already started challenging the already well estalished attitudes to life and its problems which led to serious crises in human affairs. These are not merely theoreti- cal questions but are intimately linked with our everyday life.

Those who are involved in astrological movement have presently a tremendous responsibility arising from the serious upheaval in human thinking. There are many areas in which astrologers are greatly interest- ed. In this regard we are not considering those psuedo-astrologers who are indulging in it in order to gain some kind of personal benefit, but those who are practising astrology for its own sake and in which effort the prognositications are made on scientific principles and not just in order to pamper the psychological weaknesses of the clients.

Some of these practitioners are deep students of the subject whose main objective is to understand the various facets of the science and to rightly comprehend the laws which govern this cosmos including human beings and their society. Others are intimately involved with predicting the future 12 events of the world and of the human beings so that they could be cautioned of impending dangers and be properly oriented to meet the likely situation. One could classify the former as the research scientist and the latter as the social advisers like the physician.

In the actual discharge of their responsibilities they may differ to some extent but basically both of them are concerned with human life and human welfare. Therefore it is very important that society should bestow on them their appropriate consideration. If pres- ently it is not being done so, one need not cry for it because sooner or later it is going to be done. Meanwhile it is necessary that the astrologers must equip themselves for their future responsibilites which would be greater than those of the nuclear scientists or of international economists. Presently there are a few departments of human life in regard to which the astrologers' help is generally sought.

Generally speak- ing, when an individual consults an astrologer, he is suffering either from some actual problem or from some anxiety. Under such circumstances, if the astrologer himself loses his balance and the general prospective of events, he cannot be an effective help. His first task, whatever the problem of the consultee, is to put him at rest and to be at peace with himself.

This is a difficult task, but it has to be done. In doing so he may use his astrological advice or he mayjust begin firstly by giving personal counsel as a sympthetic friend and guide. Having done so, when he looks at the actual subject matter of the enquiry, he may find that the ques- tions may relate to problems pertaining to health, education, marriage, spells of ill-luck and dogged failure, professional and job problems, financial set-backs or to problems pertaining to power, prestige, humiliation or social relationships.

All these will have to be tackled differently, but the basic astrological principles relating to them must never be lost sight of. While dealing with the various aspects of life, firstly it is important to consider whether the problem is permanent or of short-term. If the ascendant lord is in strength consid- ered according to classical texts, the temporary setbacks will not be serious and the palliatives will work very easily. In this context, it is worth remembering that there may exist a connection of the afflicting planets, whether in the case of temporary set-backs or in the case of permanent damages, with the sixth or eighth houses because they are very deep-rooted houses bringing the causes of the affliction from past lives, and these should be handled very carefully.

If such afflictions are foreseen before the occurrence of 13 the event, it is advisable that proper medical care should be taken at the most appropriate time. The malady may not be an ordinary one and it could require utmost attention in order to reduce its intensity. If the trouble has already started, the astrologer should advise the person in different ways of minimising the adverse effect of the planet. Every physical affliction of a parmanent or deeprooted nature is caused because of certain undesirable karmas of the person concerned.

It is caused for karmic retribu- tion and cosmic counterbalance. Both these can be considerably reduced and the desired purpose achieved, if the person begins to work out the countervailing activities. There is every possibility of thus reducing the pain. For example, if the individual suffers from anaemia, it is said that by his immersion in helpful activities and by inspiring others in humanitarian acts, the danger of anaemia is greatly reduced.

One has to assess the malady, the personality structure of the questioner, and then suggest a line of effort, which radically alters his living pattern. That is generally required besides medical assistance, in the case of physical maladies. As far as educational counselling is concerned, the task of the astrologer is very significant from another standpoint. In many Western countries, presently the industrial management and even educational institutions are taking recourse of what is considered bio-rhythmic studies.

The lessons and holidays are being arranged in such a way that the harmonious rhythm chart of the student synchronises with the work programme in the school. Industrial relations are also being organised in keeping with the same principle. This makes one feel that shortly the aid of astrologers will be greatly mobilised for educational and industrial welfare. Presently, in India one is very reticent in accepting astrological couselling on a large scale or on an organised basis but almost every astrologer sometime or the other is confronted with such problems specially brought in by traditional guardians.

Even the students themselves, at an advanced stage of their career, come for such advice. In such cases, it is important to distinguish between the natural talents of the individual, the career pursued by him and the line of his success. All these are predicted differ- ently. The astrologer must at the very outset recognise that the individual may have talents in one line while he may have to undertake a profession which is radically different from it.

Intel- lect, schooling and profession are considered by three different houses such as the fourth, fifth and the tenth houses. Often it is considered that the fourth rules the intellect, the mind while the schooling and related subjects are considered by the fifth house.

Opinion may differ in this regard, but the association of different 14 planets and the other rules of astrological predictions may be clearly distinguished for determining the subject in which the student may have proficiency and natural aptitude while the success or the line which he will have to take in order to earn his livelihood would depend on different planets.

The astrologer should make it clear that the student may have proficiency in one line of learning but he may have to take up another for his profession. This kind of prediction would depend upon the differ- ences between the fourth, fifth and the tenth houses. Professional counselling though very closely connected with educational career is very difficult to prognosticate.

In advising about one's profession, it is necessary to distinguish three aspects of the problem namely, the line of activity, the level attained, and the amount of money earned. An individual may earn much money but he may have neither social prestige nor very high level of achievement in his trade. For example, there may be a smuggler or a pick-pocket who may be getting much money yet in his own trade he may be quite ordinary. On the other hand, there may be a mediocre lecturer, which is considered quite a respectable occupation, and he may be very ordinary as a lecturer but by giving private tuitions he may earn quite a large amount of money.

Often a confusion regarding these three aspects of one's fife creates frustration. In classical texts, it is considered quite elementary to predict the line of profession. The disposition of the tenth house is mainly the basic house in this regard. The nature of the planets involved, the signs of the zodiac and the usual rules of astrology apply but this house is much more significant and enigmatic than it appears on the surface. It is important to examine this house very carefully. The interpretation of the tenth house in an astrological chart is one of the most difficult tasks and it requires all the skill of the astrologer.

To interpret only professional matters from this house is to take a limited view of it. Uttarakalamrita, while describing the various significances of the tenth house, gives two very meaning- ful phrases. Inter alia, it says that aswagamananth-aX is riding on a horse, as well as nidhi nikshepa, that is, spending of the treasure, should be divined by the tenth house. These two terms in their deeper import suggest some of the implications of this house.

In view of the fact that the tenth house is considered the karmasthana or the house of activities, the whole of one's life is connected with this house. During the life period, the individual gets involved in this world in various ways, that is, how the physical being, or the horse of the individual moves in this world, or that is how the vast reservoir of the vital energy is spent. In this process of involvement the individual gets power, prestige, money, honour or humiliation. All these are important but merely as a consequence of the individual's involvement in this world of activities.

When we try to consider the profession of an individual, it is important to take this house as the main house for examination but this house has a much wider significance than merely the service career. A large number of human egos have yet to get differentiated and specialised before forging towards their ultimate goal. Unless there is any planet significantly connected with this house, the person under examination, no matter how other aspects of his life are indicated, is an ordinary ego undifferentiated, one in the multitude.

The light in him still bums very dimly. His profession will be non-descript. But when the planets begin to show special relationships with the tenth house, the astrologer has to be careful. The individual has begun to move towards his destined assignment in a much more purposeful manner. On this path, such differentiated individuals do not necessarily have only one line of activity. For example, the world-famous Dr. Ramanujan was already delving in the deeper and abstruse mysteries of mathematics while working as an ordi- nary low paid office clerk. Einstein was one of the greatest scientists of the modem age but as a violinist also he was not insignificantly skilled.

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Winston Churchill was a great strategist as well as a politician but even his skill as a painter was not ordinary. Raman, who is a celebrated astrologer in India, has his proficiency as a Vedantic scholar and an astute publisher not of the ordinary kind.

This should clearly imply that the tenth house which is intimately connected with the manner of one's involve- ment in the world of matter need not be considered exclusively to indicate the profession by which one earns one's livelihood. The tenth house indicates the quality and the channels through which the creative faculties of the individual flow.

Recognition of this fact makes the astrologer careful in indicating the line of profession that the individual is likely to adopt. This recognition is helpful in profeesional counselling. This house clearly shows the level of stature the individual would attain in this world, which need not necessarily be connected with his professional or money-earning career. Honour from the sovereign, name, prosperity, honourable 16 living, prominence and repute are all the things which must be assessed from this house.

There are many persons who have great repute, much scholarship, much money but those who know them closely do not rate them very high. Such qualities as under- stood by moral merits may be lacking in them. These qualities should be assessed with the help of planets in the ninth house. The influence of Jupiter on this house, no matter what are the other characteristics, would make the individual a rehgionist and a moralist. On the other hand, those who have Saturn's influence on this house will find their involvement in the world lull of negative influences : they may not be always welcome every- where.

People will be a little reluctant to be friendly with them. Under Ketu's influence the world of activity would be more in the realm of thoughts and ideas than in the world of matter and action. Often persons with this characteristic suffer from excruci- ating pain and experience humiliation. With the association of Sun, there must be some association with royalty, administration and flashes of spark in life: often the people will feel that the individual is much more deserving than he has been given; he is likely to have much more latent faculties than he has been able to express.

With Rahu, one is bound to be mean and lowly. Such pointers relate to the personality and have no relationship with his precise means of money earning job or profession. About general affluence, it is important to consider the vari- ous houses with caution. The accrual of money is judged variously on the basis of astrological principles, but there are some combi- nations which have great relevance in this context. The relation- ship between the trikona fifth, ninth or first house and the kendras first, fourth, seventh orthe tenth house is of great merit.

This is so because the trines bring karmic forces from the deep past while the kendras relate to the present activities; a relation- ship between the two is very auspicious. If the tenth house is connected in this way, the individual will have his involvement with the world of matter in a powerful manner; the vast forces of the past would be at his back as a result of which he may make much headway in this world. He would be affluent. Thus when the astrologer is confronted with questions relating to profession, prestige, honour and affluence, he should carefully direct his attention to the tenth house and assess the general strength of the horoscope and the directing factors which give the status of the individual in this world.

The temporary set-backs are like clouds indicated by the transits of the different planets, and the planetary rulership of the period would indicate the sequence of the unfoldment whereas 17 the strength of the house would indicate the heights which the individual would attain. The astrologer should in such a case be like a moral preceptor or at least a guide to indicate the course of the voyage meant for the individual in this world for which he should unhesitatingly prepare himself no matter whatever be the temporary set-backs and sufferings.

An important aspect of astrological responsibilities is related with the question of matrimonial relationships. It is an area in which Hindu astrology has much to contribute. The great dishar- mony in family life all over the world and difficulties between married partners rampant in the world at large can be effectively tackled by Hindu astrology.

A harmonious relationship between two individuals which is very difficult to attain, depends upon many diverse factors. Among the differing individuals when mari- tal relationship is established, it cannot and should not be taken very casually. When a relationship is like that of a husband and a wife, it is a Karmic relationship associated with many difficult problems. It is not merely a question of sexual adjustment though that is paramount in marriage relationships. That by itself is very complex. Therefore the growing disharmony among the married partners with its consequential repercussions on family life and the psychology of the growing children is immense.

If the astrolo- gers are alert and watchful, there is a possibility that the Indian astrology could be a great help to the world peace and harmony. Hindu astrology has worked out various rules on the basis of which the compatibility between two persons specially for the purpose of marriage can be worked out. The "modem" society which considers these rules as superstitious and lays greater emphasis on "love" marriages has been reaping the consequenc- es of the same. It is important that these rules are well understood and every astrologer engaged in marriage counselling should care- fully understand the various considerations on the basis of which the marriage compatibility is determined.

Prior to the marriage, the prospective partners should be warned against sexual infatu- ation. The inevitable would however happen and there would be various other problems which the astrologer will have to tackle. In this regard, there would be the question of marriage delays and there would be the marriage disharmony. In these matters, astro- logical texts have given some methods of overcoming delays; the advice should be like that from the medical profession. In many cases, the affliction of Mars, Saturn and Rahu will be quite severe. The inevitable consequences of these planets should be ex- plained to the partners; there are certain psychological prepara- tions which may help in enduring and meeting the misfortune 18 when it occurs.

As far as Mars is concerned, in spite of everything, the adverse consequences of suddenness and rash action will have to be borne. The only precaution is that the partners will have to be careful all the times for any tendency towards such reactions. Saturn creates the problem of lack of warmth, psycho- logical disharmony leading to sexual coolness. There is no min- gling of life-currents between the married partners. A careful undertanding by the partners of their psychological constitution and enlightened approach and understanding to their problems would go a long way in their mutual adjustment.

When Rahu afflicts, they should be careful of certain complications which would be very difficult to decipher. There is likely to be much misunderstaning btetween them based on conditions which would be difficult to comprehend. The problems arising due to these three planets, viz. Rahu, Saturn and Mars must be understood and discussed with the partners rather than suggesting certain remedi- al measures : the gems and mantras and the like will have very limited effects on these planets.

The scope of astrology in the coming times will be immense. The growing interest in the subject is a great opportunity. We must also try to relate astrology with other branches of learning. There is need for opening the frontiers of astrology and trying to synthe- size it with philosophy, psychology, politics, meteorological fore- casts and economic fluctuations. This would be the theoretical approach to the subject, but presently, there is need for establish- ing astrological predictions not merely to satisfy the idle curiosity of individuals but to aim at counselling so that different individu- als who wish to take advantage of astrology may be properly guided and real professional and enlightened guidance provided.

But for this responsibility, the astrologers must reorient them- selves and open themselves to the great wind of intellectualism that is presently blowing over the world. We cannot deny its interrelationship with others. But life, whether for the indiviaual human being or for the society as a whole, is immensely vast and M of mysterious depths and innumerable ramifications. Astrological science, specially Vedic astrology which is considered a limb of the Veda, Vedanga, is capable of providing an opportunity for delving deep into the immensity of each event and therefrom obtain a glimpse of the divine plan being unfolded for the individual.

For example, an individual in his sixties after completing his official career and most of his family responsibihties like getting his children well- settled in life, suddenly meets with an accident from which he is miraculously saved wimout even a scratch on his physical body excepting the great mental psychological trauma experienced on the occasion. He comes home to find that his wife has been greatly upset because the Qanapati idol which they had placed at the entrance and to which they were greatly attached was stolen.

Such individual events even when accurately forecast by astrologi- cal charts do not reveal the whole story. There is much more in these single events than ordinarily predicted. Generally, the consultee's reaction to these predictions, if they are 'inauspicious' is to find out ways and means to avoid, eliminate, or reduce the impact of such occurrences, for which they wish to know propitia- tory and other remedial measures. But, the responsibility of the Vedic astrologer is much greater than merely indicating the possi- bility or otherwise of the occurrence of any specific event, auspi- cious or inauspicious.

It is in such circumstances that the unique- ness of Vedic Hindu astrology comes out predominantly, it reveals the spiritual significance of every situation through which the individual passes in his life's journey. In understanding the deeper significance of every event, one understands the Divine Plan for himself much more clearly and thereby co-operates with Mature in this sense Mature represents the Divine Mother, Aditi, which very carefully and affectionately takes care of each of her child. The most important event in one's life is his or her birth.

One recognises that there are many methods of prediction, such as numerology, crystal gazing, clairvoyance, western system of pre- diction, Mayan method of prediction and so on, but Vedic astrol- ogy is entirely different from all these. Every practitioner of this system is reminded that accurate prediction of the future is possible onlyfor Brahma, the astrologer only ventures to intuit the future. One finds that in other systems, infallibility of astrological predictions is almost postulated, whereas in Vedic astrology every prediction is considered only probable and the degree of probabil- ity depends upon the spiritual attainments of the astrologer.

It does not depend only on the acquisition of various astrological tools on the basis of which he attempts to peep into the Divine Plan. It also relies on his own yogic perfection. The birth epoch is merely a peep-hole through which one tries to see the immensity of the individual, his possibilities and thejourney through which his ultimate goal is attained. Unless this comprehensive view is received, each individual event will only be uncoordinated, spo- radic and meaningless incident without much significance to the individual in his long journey.

Only when an integrated view is taken that the significance of every single event is understood and necessary lessons learnt from it. The classical texts have given various hints, suggestions and principles for predicting the future. An important aspect of this exercise is to find out where does the individual stand in his evolutionaryjourney. Is he still on the lower rungs of the ladder, or has he individualised sufficiently to proceed further in his specially earmarked direction?

But very few consultees are inter- ested in such enquiries. One finds that persons come to enquire whether their marital life could be happy, or when would they be 'blessed' with a child; even sometimes political aspirants consult astrologers to know the possibility of their being a Minister or some such important being. Mo one ever enquires whether these successes or failures would enable one to attain one's destined goal.

It is primarily because of this reason that the real values of Vedic astrology have not so far been appreciated.