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Whether it is an ode to the bliss of life or playful repartee with God, poems in admiration of Narendra Modi, poems addressed to the many people he has known, including his beloved wife, or philosophical meditations on fate and faith, the verses here are bound to move and mermerize you. The publishers are well known Harper Collins. Product Image. Company Details. About the Company. Nature of Business Service Provider. I agree to the terms and privacy policy. Seller Contact Details Bejan Daruwalla. View Mobile No.


Send SMS. Send Email. Save time! Get Best Deal. Arun Jaitley, have good news for all? Or, will only a few chosen ones and sectors get the special treatment? Ganesha analyses the Horoscope Chart of the Independent India, juxtaposes it with the planetary picture applicable on the day of Budget announcement, and puts forward some interesting observations.

Bejan Daruwalla goes gaga over Narendra Modi (sitting next to him) and his future

Read on to find out the astrological analysis of the Union Budget , and its possible impact on various sectors. Such planetary positions indicate that the Finance Minister may take some harsh decisions regarding the gold policy, public sector units PSUs , GDP growth rate, taxation, income tax and sales tax.

Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla claims Narendra Modi personally strong but BJP weak

On the day, Annual Budget shall be presented, the Lord of the 5th House — Mercury shall be transiting through the Fortune House in Sharavan Nakshatra — which is a good indicator. However, a planet like Rahu that is known to cause confusions, illusions and mirages is moving through the House signifying the Stock Markets. Thus, despite a favourable move of Mercury through 5th House, overall the coming month may remain negative or unpredictable for the markets.

The transiting Mars forms a conjunction with positive Venus as well as the adverse Ketu at this time. Thus, we may expect to see some new schemes related to the real-estate sector in this budget. Mercury, a planet that's considered very positive for the financial realm, shall be transiting through a friendly Zodiac Sign.

This favourable movement, thus, shall boost the chances of reforms in sectors like transportation, Navy, Students' Visa, Financial services etc. The benign and generous Jupiter has been transiting through its Sign of exaltation i. Thus, Ganesha had predicted in the last budget itself that we may hope to get good results from Union Budget.

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You can have a look at the stock market indices to get a real proof for the same. In the coming times, the transiting Jupiter shall continue its journey over all these 5 planets in India's Horoscope till the time around mid-July The Union Budget is likely to bring beneficial schemes for these areas. This is another good news. Plus, since Venus is in a combination with fiery and lively Mars — we can expect a surge in focus towards areas like Public Development, Travel and Tourism, Science and Technology etc. This is a good planetary movement. However, the fact that the Moon shall be in Ardra Constellation on this day shall considerably weaken this positive effect.

Hence, it is quite likely that the Finance Minister may also consider tax accumulation, revenue deficit, fixed deposits and foreign direct investment flow, while preparing the Union Budget. The Finance Minister will definitely try to play safe and make efforts to maintain the growth rate.

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Ganesha foresees that on the day of Budget presentation, in Independent India's Chart, Saturn shall have a weightage strength of 1. Keeping this in view, Ganesha feels that first of all, the sectors typically ruled by the planet Saturn should gain focus. Thus, we may see a surge in policies and budget allocation related to multi-speciality and super speciality hospitals, new medical colleges, medical and para-medical facilities etc. Overall, this planetary movement shall have a positive bearing, says Ganesha.

Jupiter, signifier of higher learning and philosophy, is passing through its Sign of exaltation — Cancer.