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A solar eclipse, such as the one in August , occurs only at new Moon, when the lunar disk passes directly between us and the Sun and the Moon's shadow falls somewhere on Earth's surface.

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Conversely, a lunar eclipse takes place during full Moon, when our satellite passes through Earth's shadow. The technical name for that, by the way, is syzygy. Three types of lunar eclipse are possible total, partial, and penumbral depending on how deeply the full Moon plunges into or near the umbra , our planet's dark, central shadow. A long-exposure image captured red hues on the portion of the Moon inside the umbra during the lunar eclipse on October 8, Johnny Horne.

If it goes all the way in, we see a total lunar eclipse that's preceded and followed by partial phases. That was the case during the widely viewed event in September , which marked the conclusion of a series of four consecutive total lunar eclipses in —15!

Eclipses: Tables

Such eclipse tetrads are not common — the last one occurred during —04, but the next won't begin until If the Moon skims part way into the umbra, as shown at right, only the partial phases occur — you'll see part of the Moon in nearly full sunlight, and part of it steeped in the deep, red-tinged umbral shadow.

And if its disk passes just outside the umbra, it still encounters the weak penumbral shadow cast by Earth.

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A sharp-eyed observer will notice that one side of the full Moon's disk looks a little dusky. Fortunately, every lunar eclipse is observable anywhere on Earth where the Moon is above the horizon. But there's still an element of luck involved — after all, the sky has to be clear!

However, solar eclipses more tightly restrict where you can see them because the Moon casts a smaller shadow than Earth does. If the Moon completely hides the Sun, the eclipse is considered total. With its brilliant disk completely covered, the Sun's ghostly white outer atmosphere is momentarily revealed for durations from seconds to several minutes. In November , for example, planeloads of eclipse-chasers converged in a remote portion of northern Kenya to watch just 11 seconds of totality. Here's how the corona looked during the total solar eclipse seen across the U.

A completely eclipsed Sun can be viewed only from a narrow track or path on Earth's surface that's typically just miles km wide.

Outside of that path, about half of the daylit hemisphere of Earth is able to watch a partial eclipse as the Moon obscures a portion of the Sun. Occasionally the Moon passes directly in front of the Sun but doesn't completely cover it. When that occurs, it's usually because the Moon is farther from Earth than its average distance.

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This geometric circumstance is known as an annular eclipse, so-called because you can see a ring, or annulus, of sunlight surrounding the lunar disk. Annular eclipses of the Sun occur about as often as the total ones do, and an annular's path is likewise narrow.

Outside of it observers see only a partial cover-up. Below are brief descriptions of this eclipses in of the Sun and Moon.

Astrology and Full Moon Eclipse

Times are in Universal Time UT except as noted. Below the upcoming eclipse dates is a table displaying an eight-year range of dates, times GMT , lunar and solar saros series, nodal family and zodiac signs for current, future and past eclipses. The image for the lunar eclipse is a copper colored full moon, similar to the appearance of the total lunar eclipse. The solar eclipse image is the yellow Sun with the Moon moving between the Sun and the Earth.

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Scroll on down the page for all the information. The letters L Lunar and S Solar are included with the Saros numbers to help distinguish the series that the eclipse belongs with. You gain through good relationships. A capacity to combine business and pleasure is part of your makeup.

Emotionally sensitive and secretive, you prefer to be private about your personal relationships.

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Resist your tendency for mental laziness. Daily Thought for November 9 th : My friend does not always say I am right, because sometimes I am not.

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