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All instruction will be based in the principles of Evolutionary Astrology. In addition to instruction, exercises, and homework, you will be supported via group discussion and study. The foundation course can be used to launch self study or to set the stage for further formal training. Students will learn the building blocks of astrology through an exploration of the planets, signs and houses, the basics of the astronomy of astrology, the archetypes as understood through the lens of Evolutionary Astrology, planets and their mythological correlations and more..

Students will be introduced to the basics of synthesis by blending planets through the archetypes signs. This is followed by adding the next layer of synthesis — the houses. This will be a hands-on, participatory class, with homework and reading assignments. As with Module 1, time will be allotted for experiential exploration and discussion. In this class, students will be introduced to rulers and dispositors, rounding out the basics of chart synthesis.

We will add the basics of the 6 primary aspects, exploring the conjunctions, sextiles, squares, trines, oppositions, and quincunxes.

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Time will be allotted for experiential exploration. Required that you already understand natal chart basics, Planets, Signs, Houses, Aspect patterns.

I offer three different options for studying astrology.

If you have questions read the description for Level One and if if you are familiar with that content then join us in this level. Contact us via email if you have further questions.

Step 1 - Learn Astrology Symbols

What is my purpose? Why am I here? What are my lessons? Evolutionary Astrology seeks to understand the nature of the soul, its desire for growth, and its journey from past, to present, to intended future. Using a specific methodology to read a birth-chart as taught by Jeffrey Wolf Green, you will learn how to track and describe specific past life complexes to better understand the root causes of psychological and emotional patterns, triggers, or impediments that lie behind current life issues. One size does not fit all! We are all unique souls and we will respond to the propensities of the planetary influences in our own unique ways.

This class will outline the four natural evolutionary states and their subcategories. Part 3. Part 4. Rather than following the orthodox views on astrology. Hence, we treat these names more of profit-making machinery of modern day astrologers. Astrology is divine knowledge. And, it can only be possessed when one has full faith and devotion towards it. Moreover, the main objective of Jaimini Scholar Program is to impart the knowledge of Jaimini Astrology to everyone.

Finally beginning the quest of learning this great science given to us by sage Jaimini. Furthermore, the Jaimini program is designed in such a way that it can impart the same knowledge of this great science that we have acquired so far. Not only but also we are here to impart a pure knowledge which is based on the research carried out by our astrologers so far. In the same way astrology can answer all the question that mankind seeks. Furthermore, Vedic astrology was developed by those saints who have reached a very high level of spirituality to understand the deeper meaning of life.

Because the human consciousness is limited to materialistic matters. I have done astrology course from Rahul Kaushik Ji. And it was a very educative session. In addition, the Predictive Astrology course is very effective. For this reason, it was a very nice course. Hence, I met Rahul Ji for my problems. And accordingly the remedies which were given to me were very helpful. First of all, I am really happy for giving this review today.

As a result of his deep knowledge of Astrology, Rahul Sir is an expert. In fact, I consider myself very lucky that I got to study under his guidance. In the end, I would say, it was easy to follow and grasp him. Especially, when he conveys his knowledge of different aspects in a manner which was easy to learn. Few months before, I have attended a workshop conducted by Rahul Sir. Where he shared knowledge in an profound way. Moreover, as for any doubt during the workshop, he explained it in such an easy manner.

The most noteworthy thing is he is lively and has the clarity of purpose. Email Address. Offline Course Firstly, the offline course is a premium training programme by Jyotish Vedang. Online: Furthermore, as these days everybody is busy in their work. More Info Astrology Online Course Furthermore, the timing for the astrology online course and offline course: To begin with 7pm to 9 pm. And second timing from 9 pm to 11pm. Learn easier deeper and differently with Rahul kaushik. P Astrology.

Second Class: Astro Numerology. Third Class: Jaimini Astrology. Enroll Now. Some of the essential topics that we will cover for Six days will be: Day 1: First : Extensive research based on transits and its application in various form of astrology like KP and Vedic.

Day 2: Third: Financial Astrology and tools to know the exact time to trade and carry our various commercial projects. Day 6: Eighth : Lal Kitab Vastu and various tiny tricks for making instant and stunning predictions based on Lal Kitab. Program Timing of astrology online course: 11am-6pm. The course will be fully residential and completely research based. Being Different and Precise Way of doing Vastu.

Astro Vastu course At the same time, Astro Vastu has become popular. Enrol Now. To begin with, the Program Timing astrology online course: 11am-6pm. In addition, this course is a non-residential course. Fee — Rs. Predictive Astrology Offline Class. Excluded GST.

Astrology Lesson #1

Specifically this method of prediction is very accurate. In addition, i n this astrology online course, the concepts of Vedic Astrology are covered wherever they are necessary with logic. So as to get success and utilizing the various aspects of astrology are explained in detail.

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To begin with, the Program Timing of astrology online course: 9pmpm. Furthermore, the Fee is — Rs.

Learn Vedic Astrology Online (Distance Learning) Training Course

Kaballah Numerology Course. Accurate precise and practical Numerology. Note: Furthermore, you will also learn, why the Devnagari Script is best used in Numerology. Day 2 Third Class: How to select the most beneficial bank for you to save and attract more money into your account.

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