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These course are for you if you are keen to learn some astrology too improve yoru life. People like a one-on-one reading which is my speciality. The four humours are the cornerstone of reading a chart for the health and well-being of the native, as well as determining their character and temperament from a more traditional perspective. This article will introduce the four humours and will give you some suggestions for your own study and research.

Most people have heard of the four humours in the context of Ancient Greek philosophy. They are generally taught as being related to bodily fluids in the following way:. Later, an astrological student might learn that sanguine relates to the element air, choleric relates to fire, melancholic relates to earth, and phlegmatic relates to water. Then, if you study further, you might learn about temperament in the context of general personality traits of each of these humours.

Temperament and humours are far more intricate than this, however, and they form the foundation for Western Astrology. It relates to literal heat and coolness, but it also relates to activity level. Hot is active and busy, and cold is passive and calm. It has to do with unity and separation.

Wet connects and brings things together, and dry separates them and creates distinctions. Before the 17th Century, the humours provided the structure by which astrology and medicine were practiced. The animals and plants that are used as food or medicine also have temperament. The way foods or plants are prepared can alter their temperament. For example, cooking heats food, baking dries it, and boiling moistens it. Different activities also alter temperament as well. For example, most exercise is heating, and rest is cooling. The principle of temperament also has application to the seasons, planets, and phases of the Moon.

The temperament of the seasons is:. The sign correspondences with the seasons are based on the Northern Hemisphere. It could be that these sign correspondences are reversed in the Southern Hemisphere. This is a topic that is wide open for astrological research. The planetary temperament correspondences are not uniform in traditional sources. The easiest way to begin incorporating the four humours is to use the two polarities to take the temperature of the chart, as it were.

There are various methods for calculating temperament, but a very simple approach is to just count the planets by element. By this count, Oprah Winfrey is hot, meaning she likes to be busy and active. Hot people also tend to be more extroverted than cold people. She is also very wet. This means that she tends to see how things and people are alike, and that she likes to bring people together.

Curse of Scorpio & Aquarius zodiac signs in Vedic Astrology

As you are experimenting with temperament, you can try adding other things into the mix and see what happens. For example, you may want to add in the season of the Sun, the phase or the Moon, and the Part of Fortune. If you do that, you get:. If you want to study and experiment further, there are many other formulas that have been used for calculating temperament in the astrological tradition.

As an aspiring astrologer, it is good practice to play with different planets and chart points, and perhaps try different formulas to see what seems to yield the most accurate results for you. When experimenting with new techniques, the best practice is to start with your own chart, as you know the most about yourself. Then branch out to look at the charts of people you know well, like your friends and family. This way you can see for yourself if the four humours are useful to you in interpreting a chart,.

In this article, we have looked at the four humours and the principles behind them. We have also looked at how they were used historically and have given suggestions for how to begin to incorporate them into your own chart analyses. Hopefully, this will give you the tools you need to start experimenting with the four humours on your own. He has been fascinated with astrology and divination from a young age, and his love for all things spiritual has only increased over time. In this post, I share with you the different meanings of the house placement for the Part of Fortune in your chart.

There are other videos in this series, or playlist, on the Part of Fortune, and you can find the first one already, and the others will magically appear when they are ready. How to Calculate the Part of Fortune. This placement suggests that your fortune comes through your own personal charisma, and in the strength of your personality. The part of fortune in the second house indicates that finances and acquisitions will be fortunate for you. Things like your art collections and anything that you treasure and collect.

They say if you have three or more of one item you have a collection. The part of fortune in your third house show that your fortune will come through your siblings or brothers and sisters and anyone in your family of the same generation as you like cousins. Your fortune will come to you by means of your community, neighbors and any local environment activities that you do.

The part of fortune in the fourth house shows that you may have come from a fortunate family and one which may be wealthy. Your good childhood, and the conditions of your early environment will likely set you up for life. The part of fortune in the fifth house suggests that your fortune will come to you through speculation, perhaps as trading on the stock exchange.

It can also be through casino wins or through lottery wins. This is one sign of a lottery winner, although there are many more. Your fortune can come to your through all your creative endeavors and through thisg you give birth to like projects, crafts, music or art. The part of fortune in the sixth house indicates that your fortune will come through daily activities and your work. This placement suggests that your job can be very lucrative even if it is in a services industry. The part of fortune in the seventh house indicates your fortune will come through partnerships and this usually means marriage and common law partnerships.

The part of fortune in the eighth house indicates that your fortune will come through inheritances, insurances and annuities. You will also gain through tax avoidance, or perhaps tax loopholes, and being scrupulous with your tax affairs. You are likely to receive tax rebates. The part of fortune in the ninth house suggests your fortune lies in another land and that you have to travel to gain your fortune. However, this can be shown closer to home in being involved with international things and people. The part of fortune in your tenth house indicates you will be fortunate in the public eye, either through your chosen career or perhaps in politics in some form.

The part of fortune in the eleventh house indicates that you will be fortunate through your associations with others, either in causes or groups. The part of fortune in the twelfth house indicates that you can benefit through institutions like; hospitals, libraries, museums, galleries, prisons, or zoos, and in any areas where things are collected, curated and kept. You may consider yourself fortunate if you give it all away as an act of sacrifice, or if you surrender the money to others in charitable ways. How to calculate the Part of Fortune. Your focus for most of this month is on daily routines, your health, and a renewed commitment to your career or the needs of a parent.

Around the 10th your love life beckons and what has been out of sight and out of mind now needs your attention. By the 13th you may find yourself leading an initiative that brings a much-needed change to your community or brings new ideas or energy to your circle of friends. It serves a purpose perhaps only you can know. Something in you is called to begin a new course of study, set out on a journey or embark upon a quest.

Your relationships may take on a new intensity after the 10th and you might find yourself starting an innovative project at work that has far-reaching benefits for everyone involved. Check in with your health routines towards the end of the month. Shared resources may demand closer scrutiny if they are to bear fruit in the future, and you may need to get to the bottom of what is not being clearly communicated.

There will be a renewed focus on health towards the middle of the month, and you may find yourself called to get to the broader philosophical truth of a matter that seemed quite mundane.

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You are likely to feel a renewed commitment to your partnerships, both domestic and professional. The end of the month sees you focusing on domestic harmony and beautifying your home. This month, your attention will be on your resources—money as well as the gifts you were born with.

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Eliminate clutter at home and make room for transformation of your physical and psychic space. Mid-month is a good time to set boundaries in existing business or personal relationships. Near the end of the month, your attention turns toward beauty and balance. You may be asked to mend fences or help siblings reach a fair and equitable agreement. This is a month to re-assess who you are and how you are operating in the world.

Your makeover may well involve spending more time with your children, a romance, or a creative venture. Keep long-range results in mind as you start a new exercise program or project at work. Review your budget at the end of the month. September finds you turning inward to reflect.

What do you care about most deeply? Where are you spending your time, energy, and money? Mid-month may find you embarking on a new creative project or romance that has broad implications and may spark long-range changes. Towards the end of the month, check in with who you know yourself to be—and where you need to make adjustments. Go for it. This might be the month for some new clothes that are more in line with how you feel about yourself. Your siblings or neighbours may turn to you for advice.

Your home may call out to be modernized or updated. Keep your focus on a new project or a fresh start in your career in September. Far from holding you back, your sense of responsibility is a resource. Expect new information and insights about a romance or creative project around that time as well. The emphasis is on connection, and it may be intense, even passionate.

So keep your eye out for a new love interest. Take a look at your spending around the 12th. Be more decisive about what you own or value. This month, your attention is on getting your house in order when it comes to your taxes, shared investments, or an inheritance.

Giving yourself some time alone for reflection will enhance a new initiative around the 12th that is likely to have a long-range healing influence for you and your community. Come the end of the month, you may well find yourself embarked upon a new course of study or a quest for meaning, beauty, and harmony.

Expect some new insights when it comes to your neighbours or siblings. September finds you focusing on partnerships. Expect some depth, intensity and new insights about how you relate to others. Self-reflection will facilitate a new beginning around the 10th. Alfred is an evolutionary astrologer in Vancouver, Canada. Contact Alfred at Evolutionary Astrology and Dreamwork.

As the Moon passes through your birth chart it transits every house and forms every possible aspect to all of your planets. You just have to pay attention. By the same token, to build a good habit takes one lunar orbit of the Earth, or 30 days, give or take a whisker. Thus is born the 30 Day Challenge. All new habits can be established if they are practiced every day for 30 days. I talk about the five components to live a satisfying life which are; love, money, wellbeing, vision and creativity.

You can join me if you like. New habits that you begin are better supported, and more dynamic, when started at a New Moon, or a solar eclipse , like the one that occurred on August 11th , which spurred me into action as it was conjoined my Sun. You can practice New Moon Wishing in line with your birth chart to support your creative new habits. I will post my progress here.

Tag your creations with starz30 so we can see your beauties. This sculpture is in stainless steel and is highly polished.

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

This was the first year for ages that they have had water flowing in the city parks due to recent water shortages. The water itself was difficult to capture and somehow the falling water is not quite right, but I think the general image is ok. Leo loves full-colour tinsel rich drama.

Solar eclipses are like the jewels pearls, emeralds, rubies and diamonds of transit astrology, and can be very precious. Planets in opposition are usually in the same polarity. The opposition can be disassociate if one planet is in an active sign and the other in a passive sign. The opposition is an aspect of projection between the self and the other. This aspect tends to flip-flop between holding a stance in the principle of the first planet and then standing on the other side looking back from the viewpoint of the second planet.

The person will strive for equilibrium within the boundaries of the energies shown by the planets. Pluto oppositions can be very difficult to find a resolution, they may be the main theme of the life. The individual continuously attempts to address the issues but sometimes it is hard to define the actual conflict. It is an aspect of unease where on-going change and constant attention is required to the two planets involved by the person.

Sun square Jupiter. Uranus square Pluto. A solar return chart is cast every year on your birthday, or thereabouts, and can be used to predict the trends coming up for you each year. It also covers other types of planetary return charts that you may wish to use someday. I chose the name Starzology for my astrology website and business because of its relationship with the number five. The five-pointed star is a symbol of creativity first and foremost. But, it offers four more points to make it whole.

I believe the attributes of wellbeing, vision, love, and money are perfect additions to the creativity point on the star. You may be a singer, a musician, an artist, a writer, or craftsperson and in this way you are creative. Then you need someone to love or love of others. If you do not have a special person now you can love a pet. Vision is shown in the chart by the ninth house and Jupiter which are both related to another fire sign, Sagittarius.

To start with, you need enough money. Finally, you need contribution money to build something for others. It can be accomplished in many ways. Skip to content. Explore several Astrological Ages, so you can gain understanding of celestial movements. Appreciate the correct timing of the precession of the equinoxes. Have fun in a supportive environment. Bring your chart. Space is limited to ten people.

Wine and the zodiac actually have a lot in common. It falls under the Fire element. Petit Sirah Pairing Petite Sirah is full of aggressive sweet and bitter notes. Life is never boring with an Aries, this flavorful wine pairing will not disappoint. Both Champagne and Leos can be dry or sweet depending on their style. Regardless of the details, there is no better pair to celebrate with than Leos and Champagne.

As the Archer, they seek out as much knowledge as they can find. Malbec Pairing Malbec is a fun and strong wine with strong notes of oak and black fruits.

The Sun in Aquarius

This is where their patience comes in. As hopeless of a romantic as they can be, a Taurus is always on the defense.

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You must first earn their trust before they feel safe giving you theirs in return. Both the sign and wine have a range of earthy flavors with a strong body, and dry style. It is their graceful advice and willingness to help that make Virgos great friends. Chardonnay Pairing It takes a lot of dedication to make Chardonnay the elegant wine it is, much like the dedication Virgos put into their own craft. Virgos are sophisticated in the way they talk, work, and carry themselves.

Some call it perfectionism, Virgos call it attention to detail. Perfect for red meat pairings with very little seasoning. The reality is that Geminis are too smart for their own good. They can adapt to any environment they are in, and behave accordingly. Air elements will demonstrate an ease of going with the flow, and Gemini is no exception.

Just as you never know which grapes are within the Bordeaux Blend you choose. This wine can be made into several styles depending on which Muscat grape is used, and how. Moscato Pairing Libras and Moscatos always leave a good impression. A Moscato wine is sweet and aromatic, while balanced with acidity and a mineral finish.

This Air sign is all about making humanity great. Cancers are driven by their nurturing needs and seek to have a family when all is said and done. Rieslings, too have plenty of strength. They can range from tasting really sweet to bone dry. They hate small talk, for example, and would much rather just get to the point. They also know who is good and will be fiercely loyal with whom they trust. Merlot Pairing A Merlot starts bitter or intense, if you will with sweet tones to finish it off.

We can learn to appreciate a Scorpio, in the same way we appreciate a Merlot. After all, they are the Fish of the wheel, so they just keep swimming. Like their Water sign companions, they are very empathetic and protective of their hearts. This loosely fits with each week of 7 days long. Patterns repeat in time as well as in the sky. You know, more luny? Who this book is for This book is suitable for new astrology students.

The Benefits of Astrology To understand how knowing some astrology benefits you. It is a little like knowing something about body language. I see astrology like this. New Book to Help You This book is for you if you are at the start of your astrological journey. This book is rich in chart imagery with simple visuals that have a powerful message. There is only so much time and energy that I have already put into this work.

Semesters There are two semesters of eight chapters each. Contact Alison Got questions? Starz in Art I use stars in many of my patterns. The fifth zodiac sign is Leo the Lion which is the most creative sign. The fifth house is all about restoration, procreation and creation. The act of giving birth to your creative projects is sourced in the fifth house of your birth chart. The quintile aspect is the 72 degree aspect of creativity and genius. It indicates where the genius is in your life. Check which planets are in a quintile aspect to each other to understand how this energy is flowing in your life.

If your name is Emerald City Art, use green and crystals to promote your art. The principle of conference works when you sleep. Astro Art by Alison Price I see astrology as art, and art as astrology, and I will be sharing more of my creations with you guys. Let me know what you think.

Symbolic Language The language of astrology is created through the symbols and glyphs that are used in astrology charts. Night Sky Dreams Pattern We are but a small part of the huge universe. Virgo will listen for hours to your ideas, and add some suggestions for how you can do things a little better. This will go on in bed as well as on the outside. Virgo, just like you, sees the greatness in what you say, and wants to help you get your message to as many people as possible!

This alone will be enough to turn you on, and the lucky thing is your attention and respect will turn on dear, sweet Virgo! Because Virgo really does love to be of service, none of your needs will go unanswered. Instead, Virgo is likely to move on, and you will find that you have worn out your welcome -- and the possibility for all that nice sex. To keep this relationship going, simply treat Virgo with respect and honor the commitments you make. Your karmic lesson from Virgo is that there are other people who are willing to help you with your goals -- all you need to do is give them the respect and love they deserve.

Discover your inner desires now. You and fair Libra will be instantly attracted to one another. Before you go off to save the world, though, you may want to spend some time enjoying some carnal pleasures. Libra certainly is well-schooled at this! This comes from the fact that both you and Libra need to have some kind of mental activity going on at all times. As much as you might enjoy the physical ways you express your sexual attraction, you know how much you need to still have something to play with in the back of your mind!

Libra will need to imagine the things you have said to each other and what will be said the next time you talk about your sexual encounter. This can be rather amusing, of course, and very flattering! Once you and Scorpio stop playing games, though, you will be done for.

Transit Planets

This brilliant person, also out to find excellence wherever possible, will see you as a magnificent jewel. If you can communicate effectively and get Scorpio to come out into the open, you stand a chance of making this work in the long-term. Your karmic lesson from Scorpio is that, even you, oh wise one, can be mesmerized.

This is the kind of person you can genuinely like, and may even pursue more than normal. Here is someone who is unafraid to show that there is an animalistic side to all of us. Sagittarius will moan, groan, and writhe in ways that make you just as crazy! Sadge could mistake your detached way of looking at emotion for aloofness or apathy. Going to great lengths to show you care -- even taking your Sagittarius to a favorite beach on Mozambique -- will help.

Sagittarius will always give you a chance to prove yourself! In the long term, the two of you can get along quite well. For one thing, the two of you will both try to command control of the situation. Although you are both traditionally ruled by the same planet, that stony orb does happen to be Saturn. It is difficult for either of you to admit that there could possibly be another person qualified to take the lead over you. One way you could settle this would be to get it all over with by going to bed. Aquarians have a strong and independent personality that encourages them to rebel against conventional and restrictive attitudes.

Fascinated by the idea of a global village, Aquarius finds it difficult to adopt a single point of view. They hate to fall into routine. When that inevitably happens, they make sure to mark out a radical and exciting change in their lives. Aquarians need their originality to go on the record. They are attracted by ideas and experiences that reinforce their identity. By doing away with tradition, they are forced to see how far their intuition and insight can lead them.

Aquarians like to explore political ideologies, cultures and religions. They enjoy establishing contact with different groups of people in the world. They often participate in humanitarian aid programs. They revolt against prejudice. Injustice and oppression anger them. However, that deep-seated notion of human dignity tells them that, ultimately, each person is responsible for their own destiny. Aquarians are very humanitarian, and often choose professions that allow them to help others.

Image source: Volunteer Invest. They need to obey the dictates of their conscience to be happy. They must march to their own drumbeat. They trust blindly in their principles, although they are incompatible with most widespread opinions. As a consequence, they often remain alone. However, that struggle motivates them, as does their urgent need to change the established order. They explore innovative concepts whose success is only possible over time. Most of their concepts are mere eccentricities. But there are always some who, by their genius, end up creating a new standard.

As they get older, they rebel less and less, abandoning themselves to the swing of the pendulum of history. They are often left alone in their search for utopia. On the one hand they need company; on the other, they insist on maintaining their freedom. The balance between both impulses is not easy. In the long run, many Aquarians have to make concessions to live as a couple.

For Aquarius, maintaining an emotional relationship is a definitive challenge that gives them the opportunity to show their true colors. Aquarians are unpredictable. They change their moods for no reason, which disconcerts those around them. As soon as they yearn for an intimate relationship, they feel suddenly claustrophobic and seek solitude.

Over the years they learn to control their emotions, which gives them a growing sense of peace and confidence. Someone who wishes to be their partner must accept their independence and adapt to their sudden mood swings. They have a scientific vein that, combined with a great intuition, allows them to explore new paths of knowledge. Aquarius has a clear look. They appear to be lost in thought, but when something interests them, they raise their eyebrows and their eyes sparkle. They walk fast, unless they are absorbed in their thoughts, in which case they walk irregularly, with their heads down.

Aquarians are very original in how they dress. They refuse to follow fashion trends, unless something in particular catches their attention. They prefer their clothes to be custom-made, or at least exclusive. They are daring in their choice of clothing. Some do not hesitate to wear the most extreme, extravagant, or unconventional outfits. Although, most Aquarians wear sensible outfits, but in audacious combinations of colors.

They are often attracted to styles inspired by social movements or events. Although the ideas that sustained them have lost their validity, Aquarians remain faithful to them. They reject conformism. The need for Aquarians to to experience new experiences is reflected in the originality of their home. Many Aquarians have roommates, and it can take them a long time before they decide to live alone. They feel safe in the company of others, because it allows them to share responsibilities. The most idealistic Aquarians reside in modern communes and firmly believe in the benefits of cooperative living.

The locality of residence does not worry them too much, they enjoy both the countryside and the city. The home is as spacious as they can afford, and very bright. Messes bother them, and cluttered spaces depress them. They usually create attractive and refreshing atmospheres, with bright and daring colors. Those who can afford it give free rein to their passion for new household inventions and technological appliances, and turn their home into a home of the future. As they mature in years, they grow the need to own their own house, although it goes against all their principles.

Maybe, thanks to one of their great ideas, they get to earn a lot of money.