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Astrology and Fertility. Next Page. You might also like Astrology for Babies. Astrology and Astronomy. The Basics of Astrology Charts. How The Elements Affect Astrology. How The Planets Affect Astrology. My DOB isApril 10 I was born 5 pm on Easter Sunday. How can we determine the best time we are most fertile to conceive a baby. We have been trying for 10 years no luck. Hi my dob is 31 may and time of birth is 16hr and my husband dob is 17 april and time of birth is 15hr When I can get pregnant?

My dob is 05 July Sirat - Sep AM.

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When will i get pregnant Mam - Sep AM. When i get pregnant my date of birth 19 feb and time of birth am My husband date of birth 12 march And time of birth pm Dolly - Sep AM. When I will get pregnant.

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My DOB is My husband and I are very much into astrology and would love my first baby to be a cancer. Thank you! Cinski - Sep PM.

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I wish to know, when I will get pregnant for my first child. Deepti - Sep PM. Perplexed - Sep PM. I Am trying to conceive,My D. I have 1 child. I was being read and my Cards said I would conceive soon. I wanted another confirmation Tasilelu86 - Sep AM.

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Hi my dob is 27 sep Will I be able to get pregnant this year or next year? I really want babies. Ritu - Sep AM. When I ll be pregnant my dob is Hi was wondering if I will be able to get pregnant this year? Date of birth is oct 22, and nov 15, , and if we have chances to conceive this following year or next year, thanks. Kc - 8-Sep PM. I wish to know when I will be pregnant. I don't wish anything else than a baby in familly.

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Me DoB 07 May My husband DoB 06 May Everybody is disappointed including myself not having a child for so long. Ana Maria - 8-Sep PM. My dob is July 8th My husbands dob is December 15th We are trying to get pregnant from past 7 months but no luck yet. Please help us.

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Ashley - 4-Sep PM. I want to know when will I concieve. I am born on 7th november and my husband is born on 5thMay I have been married since 2 years trying to conceive but can't. Can please tell me whenm having my first child? When I'll get pergnant??

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My date of birth is 6 november and date of birth of my husband is 3october we got married on 6 December when I will conceive and have our first child Sheetu - Aug PM. We are planning a baby. So, get ready to hear about hemorrhoids, mucus plugs, morning sickness and all the other less-than-appealing sides of pregnancy from your pregnant Aries friend. Therefore, they are likely to have quite healthy pregnancies. Their difficulty with making decisions is also likely to cause some pregnancy stress as there are a lot of decisions to make in only nine short months.

Warning: The Cancer is a bit moody by nature, so be ready for those pregnancy-related mood swings to be a bit more frequent for the Cancer verses the other zodiac signs. This mixed with their tendency to love freedom and travel make them the most likely of the zodiac signs to be thrown into a bit of a life crisis when first hearing of their impending motherhood. Their great sense of humor mixed with their optimistic and enthusiastic nature, however, will help them cope with all of the doubts surrounding becoming a mother.

Their epic abilities in self-control, discipline and responsibility make them the most likely to maintain their pregnancy diets, exercise routines and keeping all of their pre-natal appointments. The Pisces have a bit of a fearful nature, which make them prone to worry during their pregnancies. Something that they will try to escape from by distracting themselves generally with music or their preferred form of spirituality.

Warning: The Pisces tendency towards being sad to make them the most likely of the zodiac signs to suffer from post-partum depression. She enjoys putting bright colors in her curly brown hair, spending time outside on cool days and being with her partner in life, Eric, who she considers a continuing source of inspiration.

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