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The observations in my second article on April 13 are based on the turnout figures for the first phase. The turnout in the first two rounds either remained flat or dipped in some constituencies of the Uttar Pradesh, a trend Kumar thinks is harming the BJP. Maintaining a dominant position in UP is critical for the BJP but reports from the ground paint a dim picture. That means a loss of up to 40 seats. These states send a total of elected lawmakers and the BJP had won a whopping , a strike rate not seen in several decades.

There is a widespread consensus that the BJP is unlikely to repeat the success of in due to the following reasons Economy and governance: Despite a high GDP growth rate, several sectors have taken a hit due to cash flow disruptions and botched tax reforms resulting in huge job losses. A leaked government report showed unemployment at year high at 6. The BJP is looking at eastern India to make up for the losses it is likely to suffer in Hindi states.

It has gone all out in West Bengal and Odisha and north-eastern states.

Here, it is expected to do better than but gains in these two states are not likely to compensate the huge losses in the Hindi heartland. In the two remaining big states of Maharashtra and Bihar with a combined tally of 88 seats, the BJP is locked in a close fight with Congress and allies. Here too, the contest is tough and no one has predicted a cake walk for the BJP.

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In Jharkhand too, the BJP is facing a formidable coalition led by the Congress whereas in north-eastern states, including Assam, the BJP may suffer losses due to a controversial law on migrants. Most importantly, in all states, the BJP is fighting close battles with the Congress or regional parties on most if not all seats across the country. The election of was decided by the anger against Congress, anti-corruption movement and a massive campaign launched by Modi and his party. This year, if we take the pan-India picture, the following will decide the outcome — the undecided voter, regional alliances and the anti-Modi voter, a section that has remained off the radar of pollsters.

On May 23, India is most likely to face a hung Parliament with the BJP and its allies ending well short of the half-way mark. Who will then be the next prime minister of India is a big question. As things stand today, ground realities and electoral arithmetic are stacked against Modi and his dream of a second run may remain unfulfilled. You can manage them any time by clicking on the notification icon. Tuesday, October 8, Asia India. The results of this election will be much awaited not just by the direct stakeholders of the electoral process political leaders but also by crores and crores of people across India, all the more by those who have faith in the marvels of democracy and who believe that they have the power to change their destiny by effectively using their sacred right to vote and also brighten the prospects of their upcoming generations.

There is wide speculation about the outcome of this election. Psephologists poll surveyors and analysts and the poll pundits are busy analysing the likely election results. Well, here Ganesha has analysed the upcoming election astrologically. This election is going to be the most important in the history of independent India. The result of this election will have a long-lasting impact on the destiny of India.

It can be said that India is at a very crucial juncture of its socio-political journey. As Jupiter is neither associated with the 10th House nor its Lord Saturn, the incumbent government Modi Government has a good chance to retain power.

Strong Ascendant Lord is necessary for a stable government But Venus will be passing through the 12th House on the result date, which is not favourable for the incumbent government. Rahu is exalted and hence very powerful. But, Saturn in the 8th House points to weakness. It is detrimental to the interests of the incumbent government. But the retrogression of Saturn can reverse some malefic effects. However, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik may retain his chair with another term.

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Congress leader Niranjan Patnaik is likely to get opportunities to strengthen his party during Met centre issues heavy rainfall warning for these Odisha districts. Cuttack gears up for smooth conduct of Durga idol immersion.

Pic Courtesy: indiatoday. However, there is less possibility to witness a big change in the politics in Odisha. Related Posts. BJD Naveen Patnaik.