Astrological newspapers in sri lanka

Colombo Stock Exchange goes gold in March. Buoyant Ceylon Tea riding high this year. Comforting your aching feet!

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These shoes are meant for walking. New life for loss-making government firms. JAAF intervenes to boost the image of 'Juki girls'. SL exports to Asia vital to regain highs. Australian course on soft-skills in Sri Lanka. Watawala Plantations says 'remarkable growth in profit ' last year.

Astrology newspapers in sri lanka

Subsidy for coconut producers. Haycarb reports pre-tax profit of Rs. Large part of A9 highway to Jaffna re-constructed by local engineers.

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Tourism renaissance in Negombo, Jetwing leads the way. Around homes awaiting registration in home-stay tourism concept. Golden opportunity of demographic bonus to trigger economic growth. London School of Commerce opens Colombo unit. Ceylon Leather revamping their look, keeping their feel.

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India's Zensar targets Rs. Through the day, the tall, slim man is confident and direct as he reads palms and consults birth charts. As a child, Keerthi read the astrological newspapers and magazines his father brought home from his job at the National Livestock Development Board. This was the beginning of a passionate journey in astrology for young Keerthi. I had the ability to foresee their future and make birth charts or horoscopes, which they refer to from birth to death.

Word spread that Keerthi could predict the future. There was no clear winner among the political parties, so a coalition government made of the two main parties was formed after the August election. Keerthi was awarded the honorific title of Deshabandu for his services in astrology by the former president of Sri Lanka in The title is given for meritorious service to Sri Lanka.

Astrology holds significant sway among most Buddhist and Hindu Sri Lankans. The practice has been part of Sri Lankan culture since the pre-Buddhist era, says Premakumara De Silva, professor in sociology at the Department of Sociology at the University of Colombo. Interest in it deepened in the s, when tabloids began to publish astrological predictions.

Today, astrology plays a vital role in the lives of Buddhists and Hindus, as both a protective and productive measure, De Silva says. There is no record of the number of current astrologers in Sri Lanka, De Silva says, but he estimates it is in the thousands. Astrologers with a record of accurate predictions are revered. Rajapaksa was defeated in the January elections. The result was a major blow to Abeygunawardena, who, like other astrologers, builds his credibility on accurate predictions.

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Keerthi, despite his success as an astrologer, makes his living as a gem merchant. This exercise had always paid the people dividends. The mental confidences they derive mostly give them the inspiration to make the event a success. Creation horoscope is not an easy task as its describes most of your future and past even previous lives information about your precious life. We, eSeva. Upon submitting aforesaid details to eSeva. If you require our well reputed Astrologers to read your created horoscope, why not, will send you the recorded Video or Audio clips within same 24 hour.

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Profile of Premadasa Kaluthanthri. Premadasa Kaluntantri B. These books include the following:. Book explains the character of a woman based on the features of her body and its organs. This book explains with examples the planetary positions in your horoscope as well as those prevailing at present that delay your marriage.

This book explains how a husband a wife should live in peace in spite of disparities in their character and their mindset. This book explains, with examples, how planetary positions could help to solve the problems encountered in married life. These are very popular with the Sinhala reading public in Sri Lanka.

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  6. Some of these books have been printed thrice. In addition to writing, he is also engaged in reading horoscopes of Sri Lankans as well as foreigners. He has two web sites though which his services are made available worldwide.