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The entrepreneur is not alone on board; it must deal with the socio-economic environment and its specific community. In this perspective, this project of research focuses to identify, analyze and understand the entrepreneurship culture and the main sociocultural factors that influence Algerians entrepreneurs in the design and implementation of their business plans. This is an exploratory and descriptive study of socio-cultural factors "format it" the young Algerians entrepreneur. Accepting and valuing people with disabilities is a key aspect of social policies promoted worldwide.

The implementation of these policies aim normalize the lives of people with disabilities through full integration in the society to which they belong. Removing discrimination and social barriers equates to a maturing of the society, maturing translated by accepting diversity that surrounds us. Each person must be appreciated at its true value regardless of its condition of normality or deviation from it.

Valuing individuals can be achieved only through a full acceptance in society, by assigning statuses and fulfilling social roles.

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School integration of children with special educational needs in mainstream education is a challenge and involves many aspects to be successful. It is the premise of social integration, the basis for future socio-professional insertion. Integrated education is the first step towards a world of equal opportunities, a world without discrimination. Considered to be the most representative and most widely used standard of the ISO family, the standard for environmental management systems, ISO always arouses a growing interest.

Annually, the number of certifications increases in an impressive rate and the main reason is the desire of organizations to increase their environmental performance. This study is an analysis of the number of ISO certifications in the European Union countries EU between , both on a general level and at the level of industrial sector.

Moreover, our research has been undertaken in parallel with worldwide existing trends in order to better understand the direction in which EU Member States are moving. We could notice that EU countries fit worldwide existing trends, but we also identified some issues that differ from the existing situation around the world. The reforms that have lately influenced the public sector determined several changes in the reporting system, causing the introduction of a new reporting practice in the public sector, namely the consolidated reports. These reports come to bring added value to the accounting and reporting system, but this practice is at the beginning and requires time in order to be taken over at international level.

This paper aims to be a theoretical one, with slight empirical traces, analysing the introduction and presentation of consolidated financial statements in the public sector in the European Union EU countries and highlighting the factors that have influenced the introduction of such reporting practice in these countries. As it can be observed from the analysis conducted, at EU level, this reporting practice is not widespread, but efforts are made in order to introduce and present a set of consolidated financial statements in the public sector, either at central, or at local level in more and more countries.

The regulatorychangescome asa response toperceiveddeficienciesin the postfinancial crisis, and their goal isto improveusers' perception oftheusefulness and quality ofthe audit report. The article approaches thesubject of theseproposals to revise thestandardsand their implicationsfor the audit report. The article isdivided into fiveparts:the firstpartthe authors presenta briefintroduction to thesubject matter; the secondpart presentsthe research methodology; the thirdpartthe authors presenta reviewof the literatureresearch;the fourth section presentsan analysis of theresponsesofEUrespondentsto the Exposure Draftissued by theIAASBin July andthe last partthe authors presentresearchfindings, limitations andperspectives.

The decision to vote and choosing among the candidates is a extremely important one with repercussions on everyday life by determining, in global mode, its quality for the whole society. Therefore the whole process by which the voter decide becomes a central concern. In this paper we intend to locate the determinants of the vote decision in the electoral behavior classical theoretical models developed over time. After doing synthesis of classical schools of thought on electoral behavior we conclude that it has been made a journey through the mind, soul and cheek, as follows: the mind as reason in theory developed by Downs, soul as preferably for an actor in Campbell's theory, etc.

The new global economy has brought with time changing expectations that society as a whole, has from a company, which resulted in diversification and growth of its responsibilities towards all categories of stakeholders. Globalization currently leads a radical change in the corporate landscape, as nowadays, to achieve success in business companies must be aware that the social and environmental effects of their activities affect stakeholders and especially the shareholders. Good corporate governance is an important step in building a market confidence and to encourage long-term investment flows.

In many countries the implementation of corporate governance practices is seen as a way to improve economic dynamism, thereby improving overall economic performance. The current study is trying to establish the existence or non-existence of o link between the application of corporate governance principles and financial performance on the Romanian capital market. The objective of this study is to explore the Europe development strategy, from Romania, trough qualitative methods and the corelation analysis trough quantitative methods of the European Funds present in Romania in the period with the strategy's indicators.

Social movements emerge as part of and in response to the prevailing relations of power. They emerge to make visible identities rendered invisible, abnormal or excluded by these relationships, to challenge currently dominant ideas as to how society should be organized, to draw attention to needs not currently attended to under existing social arrangements, or to argue that existing arrangements need protecting and deepening.

The scholars agree that relatively few social movements emerge specifically around the issue of poverty, in particularly poverty as defined by lack. However, if poverty is a product of prevailing relations of power, to the extent that different movements emerge to challenge or deepen these relations, then social movements are necessarily relevant to the existing status of poverty and the likelihood that it may change. Article hypothesis is represented by the fact that European values and principles have been established and developed around the construction of a new action concept, designed to meet the challenges of the European space.

This paper analysis the context in which were formed and developed EU values and principles, basic elements in construction and development of European Development Assistance Policy. Which were the philosophical, political, economic and social determinants that contributed to building the European values and principles? To what extent geopolitical context changes have influence the evolution of development cooperation policy of the European Union?

What are the effects that development policy has produced, analyzed from a diachronic perspective? These are the questions we will answer during the work, critically analyzing the literature and empirical data from the field. The insurance of the right to protection of health is regulated as obligation of the signatory states in the main international and European documents related to fundamental rights, in the constitutions of these states and in their infra-constitutional laws.

In Romania, the right to protection of health is regulated at article 34 of the Fundamental Law, its standards of protection, stipulated in the international and the European acts that our country is part to, obliging the Romanian state, through the constitutional dispositions of article 20 and article paragraph 2, as well. In application of article 34 of the Constitution, there were adopted at national level Law no. A specific form to guarantee the right to protection of health, for each country, is the one realized by criminal law stipulations.

Large areas of land were diverted from their original destination pastures, arable land, forests being now covered with ponds and dumps of mine or flotation tailings, deposits that are insufficiently protected, and have become sources of pollution to surrounding areas. All Eastern European countries have in common major environmental problems, the most serious being due to mining, metallurgy and chemistry.

In the relationship of "economic-ecological" equilibrium, should be considered both economic criteria, as well as ecological ones. Pollution as the deterioration of environment, requires costs for rehabilitation of degraded areas, and for environmental protection, costs for new technologies, non polluting ones. The assessment foundation of environmental damages, is necessary for establishing the priority directions in the allocation of funds for projects to protect and rehabilitate the environment. The objective of this study is to make a comparative analysis of the political liability of the head of state in parliamentary republics and in semi presidential republics.

The approach is based on the comment on the constitutional provisions which regard the political liability of the President and on observing how to apply in practice these provisions. As a result of using comparative method, the implications of this study refer to a better knowledge of the regulation of the political liability in certain states which allow an efficient reception and enforcement of the constitutional provisions on the matter.

Therefore, the solution to eliminate these differences of balance in bank lending contracts requires promptly a consumer protection against unfair terms by adopting uniform rules of European law concerning unfair clauses. With this protection is desired that this would be subject to all contracts concluded between sellers or suppliers and consumers, to be harmonized at Community level or adopted directly at Community level, to be provided both in the laws, regulations and administrative nature acts, because to the Member States of the European community falls the responsibility to ensure that in contracts concluded with consumers there are not provided unfair clauses.

The current article highlights the main stereotypes associated with the accounting profession, the traditional accountant stereotype and the business professional stereotype. To see what is the image that this profession has in Romania, we will investigate through this empirical study, which is based on a questionnaire, the accounting profession using two main directions so we can find out: if the professional accounting has the features of the traditional stereotype in the respondents conception or if the profession is seen through the features of the business professional stereotype.

Things changed over time and nowadays, according to the provisions of the Law no. The psychological contract became known as a research paradigm within corporate research, providing a broad framework which explains the employee-company relations. Despite all this, there are still many debates on the concept and a series of criticism were expressed that led to the necessity of some more rigorous theoretical and empirical analysis. The psychological contract refers to the unwritten, implicit expectations that employees have from the company and vice versa; it is that which defines the things the employee expects from the employer.

Consequently, each of the parties involved in the contract may have different perceptions on these commitments and obligations. Thus the psychological contract may be regarded as an exchange relation between the employer and the employee. Breaking the psychological contract affects the performance, the morale, and the motivation of the staff in a negative manner. The information presented in this paper is intended to contribute to the theoretical and methodological development of the concept.

Services are today the dominant sector of the economic activity both in terms of economic performance and labor utilization. One of the biggest challenges regarding this sector is the evaluation and assurance of quality. There is still a lack of unanimity regarding the definitions, measurement procedures and the aspects that need to be provided and measured. Through this article we intend to treat these subjects and provide a broad perspective on this topic. Thus, we hope to highlight some practices and directions that could be relevant for the organizations in this field.

An increasing number of studies on the convergence attempted to answer the question whether the poorer economies will overtake the economies of the richer ones in time. Also, they attempted to determine whether European integration will have a positive or negative impact on the long term growth of the member countries. In such a context, any measure of inequalities between countries or regions presents great interest. The academic literature attempted a substantiation of quantitative criteria on the measurement of real economic convergence. In the first part of the study we conducted a brief review of the literature devoted to the analysis of real convergence.

It also presented the research methodology of cluster analysis, followed in the second part of the study by analysis of the distance between Member EU and the 19 Eurozone to highlight similarities between these states through clustering. The time frame allowed emphasizing some of the effects of the economic crisis on the degree of real convergence. This article aims to analyze and explain the traditional model of Investment Development Path with new teoretical approaches.

It has become a necessity in this research field of Romanian economy to establish a idiosyncratic model for evolution of inflows and outflows of Foreign Direct Investments after Also, persistent confusion between static and dynamic nature in using appropriate economic Romanian terms is removed. General theoretical approach is enhanced with new elements of schematic theorizing of Stages of Investment Development Path. In order to influence the decisions of the users of financial situations, the financial data concerning the commercial fund must be communicated in an opportune manner.

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Information like depreciation and amortization must comprise the changes from the competitive environment of the enterprise. The work aims at developing such a model for the evaluation of the opportunity of decision of the commercial fund at the level of bursary titles from the emergent markets, showing that this decision is influenced by the bursary performance on a short term of the title as well as its shocks on the short term, but not by the bursary performance.

The paper reveals the fact that the development of the emergent markets requires greater attention of the management for the recent events. Undeniably, crime is a pervasive phenomenon in contemporary society. Many times, we wondered why people commit crimes. Surely, the answer depends on diverse academic backgrounds. What we see is the effect of crime and the ways of committing it, but what is really important is its causality, the reasons that determine individuals to have a deviant conduct. Regarding criminal causality, different theories have emerged along time, grouped into three categories: biological, psychological and sociological.

No theory is more important than the other, because they complement each other, trying to unravel the mystery of crime causality. Sociological theories question, among other causes, migration and unemployment. Their role in the dynamics of crime is overwhelming. Studies have confirmed that the two criminological factors have a major input into the quantitative and qualitative analysis of crime.

Unemployment is closely linked to migration, and this, in turn, is inextricably linked to living standards. When they decline, crime will also decrease. Time of occurrence of tax evasion is closely linked even to social developments, this social phenomenon has emerged and evolved at the same time with the company.

Since tax evasion is a phenomenon particularly harmful and despicable paradoxically, it has unfortunately been a negative and unintended consequence, with directions of development and different incidents in any country, regardless of size, level of development or form power organization. In Romania, the underground economy is strong because it is determined by the size of the phenomenon of crime in the economic and financial dirty money , a phenomenon characterized by a very high level of "financial engineering" made in the privatization, investment, financial institutions - banks and the use of public funds.

Thus, effective tools are triggered by conversion and diversion of capital flows in order to remove it from licit financial circuit. The problem of human trafficking presents great interest not only at European level, in extra — communitary contexts, but also at international level. In this respect, the proposals of the Commission for the Council and the adoption by the latter of two decisions regarding the Convention of the European Council in the fight against human trafficking, become very relevant.

In June , the Council adopted the Decision which authorizes the Commission to negotiate, on behalf of the European Union, the convention project, for those issues which, according to the Community law, are included in the first pylon. All these matters indicate the fact that, at the European Union level, human trafficking is a highly important issue, not only in the relations between the member states, but also in relation to the terts, all due to its global nature.

Nowadays, technology is on an evolution wave both in terms of software complexes and complete business package software solutions and hardware increasing processing power for mobile devices, large consume of Internet world wide. The speed with which humans interact with the Internet, use social media and interconnect their devices with other devices is rapidly growing. This desire to stay connected is translated as an exponential growth of volumes of data. Therefore all data that is generated represents the main engine for innovation both in terms of business and technology.

Based on unprecedented connectivity among objects and to collect massive amounts of data, Internet of Things IoT is ready to provide significant business benefits. Organizations are interested to adopt IoT as a business strategy and they must be prepared to address a number of technical and administrative challenges. The purpose of this article is to define the IoT , looking at Big Data. Crime and criminality are undisputed socio-legal phenomena, existing in human society since ancient times. Each of us has a social behavior, according to or inconsistent with the general value system imposed by the dominant social group leader.

No matter how optimistic we are, no matter how inventive and visionary we become, we must be realistic and objective and realize that the danger of crime will never go away, and that it is our duty to identify the best measures on reducing crime.

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We must not think that being visionary and shaping a society without crime, a society where the rule of law and the respect of social values are a way of life for us all, is a utopia. A safe society, a higher life quality, should be our target and we should make everything in order to achieve it. This paper shows the emmergence of strong aspects that require a deep transformation of the organization through the implementation of the Quality and management. We start from knowing the status of the organization, the environment, and through continuous improvement, the implementation of the Quality of management will try to reach stages closer to excellence.

In this sense, the applyable practice in Public Administration must start from something elementary and simple, to allow the realization of some improvements, with a modern administration, with a number of considerable tasks. Ex: Quan is eet un magv, Henrique naiwo stopit pickine sien brater….

Ex: Mae steurpte iom director quando is phonet!!!

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Ex: Id hurcan Irma hat taraght id economia os hol Caribe. Ex: Smauter un phonographic film hat maung turbet mien parents. Ex: Wey ne smos scabens, sontern wehsmos ka scabens ob cheus im leuds qui elegent nos kay represente i unte un periode. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Abbrehcsiem tetos! BR , defesa central fut. Collomb Pascal. Auktion, Relevons le ms. Handzeichnungen : Versteige- rung, Oktober Jean de Fribourg c. Translatio Wilhelmo de Lvna. Edidit Roland Hissette. Consilio et avdoritate Academiae Scientiarvm Rhenano- Gvestphalicae.

Prix : FrB. Shields et H. Blumberg Corpus Commentariorum Averrois in Aristotelem. Versionum latinarum vol. VII , Cambridge Mass. Crawford Corpus Commentariorum Averrois in Aristotelem. VI, 1 , Cambridge Mass. Fobes et S. Kurland Corpus Commentariorum Averrois in Aristotelem. IV, 1 , Cambridge Mass. Twersky et G. Williams, vol. I, Cambridge Mass.

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La mort de ce dernier en amena d'une part une modification dans les principes R. Hermeneias ou De inter pretatione dans sa traduction arabo-latine. Les traductions des deux premiers textes sont suivies d'un explicit les attribuant clairement au magister Wihelmus de Luna. Meyer E.

Mariana Deac- Hai romani cu barbatie

Le De interpretatione n'est connu que par trois manuscrits, dont Roland Hissette fait un bref : 1. Erfurt, Ampl. Vaticano, Urb. Venezia, Marc, Lat. La perte du ms. L'examen minutieux des aliae lectiones permet de constater qu'il s'agit souvent de cas de traductions doubles. Communicatie in de Middeleeuwen. Studies over de verschriftelijking van de middeleeuwse cultuur. Amsterdamse Historische Reeks, G. Prix : BFr. Constantes y fragmentos del pensamiento luliano.

Adas del simposio sobre Ramon Hull en Trujillo, septiembre Editadas por Fernando Dominguez y Jaime de Salas. Beihefte zur Iberoromania, Prix: DM. Ruiz Simon, L. Badia, E. Colomer, F. Domin- guez Reboiras, A. Bonner , en allemand V. Reinhardt, W. Euler , en anglais Ch. Lohr, H. Conto Agostino Voir nos" , Conversio und Christianitas. Frauen in der Christianisierung vom 5. Von Cordula Nolte. Monographien zur Ge- schichte des Mittelalters, La couleur. Prix : FrFr. Guineau et L. Des examens techniques minutieux ont permis aux a.

Scriptorium, XL, 2, , p. De fragtnenten van de Lim- burgse Aiol en de Balije Biesen. Miscellanea Baliviae de Juncis. Bilzen, Historisch Studie- centrum Alden Biesen, , p. Bij- dragen tot de Geschiedenis van de Duitse Orde in de balije Biesen, 2. Goodich, S. Abulafia p. Yvonne Friedman p. L'article de Jeannine Horowitz p. L'auteur examine e. Sophia Menache p.

Astrosurf cancer horoscope

Prawer p. Richard p. Riley-Smith p. Enfin, Sylvia Schein p. Il s'agit de celle d'Elena Lourie p.

Debate on Tangible Issues: The 11th Annual Cochrane Colloquium

Shatzmiller p. Stow p. Cowdrey p. Franco Cardini p. Pour les lecteurs de Scriptorium il faut surtout trois contributions qui concernent des mss Elizabeth A. Brown p. En appendix p. Goodich pour sa part p. Il s'agit d'un Exposi- tio super psalmum et d'un De miraculis Christi. Saltman p. Cuna Andrea. Curandai M. Curtis Liane. Een koorboek van de kathe- draal van Cambrai, midden 15de eeuw. Cambrai, BM, 11, du milieu du XVe s. Van den Abeele. Curty Olivier. D'Agostino Marco. Ricer- che sul mondo classico, 7, , p. Si tratta, in particolare, di tre esemplari conte- nenti i Vangeli ed uno con gli Atti e le Fpistole, adattati al servizio liturgico Athen, 74, Crypt.

III, Crypt. III, Vindob. L'analisi di D'A. Davis Lisa Fagin. Tonary-letters in twelfth-century Lambach. Plainsong and Music 5, 2, October , p. Reconstitution partielle de l'antiphonaire de Gott- schalk, copiste de Lambach entre et p. Engelberg, , semble l'avoir entrevu. Debrunner Albert M. Bod- mers und J. Librarium, 39, , S. Jahrhunderts geplanten Vorha- ben, den Buchschmuck des Codex Manesse, also der sog. Erhalten haben sich jedoch die Druckvorlagen fur die geplanten kolorierten! Degl'Innocenti Pierini Rita.

Studi sugli epigrammi attribuiti a Seneca. Il padrone del tempo. Binet; perdu. Herrmann quem restituen- tem non sequerer! Tra elegia ed epigramma : tracce di una poetica. XXI, , p. De Hamel Christopher. Deitz Luc. Ioannes Wower of Hamburg, Philologist and Polymath. A Preliminary Sketch of his Life and Works. Delcorno Branca Daniela. Tradizione italiana dei testi arturiani. Note sul Lancelot. XI et XII De Looze Laurence.

Toutefois, dans le ms. Cette version figure dans un ms. Denner Eva-Maria. Serva secretum, cus- todi commissum, absconde creditum. Sacris Erudiri, 35, , p. Viktor Stuttgart, Depreux Ph. Archiv fur Kulturgeschichte, 76, , p. De Robertis Teresa. V, , p. Deux mss de Florence, Bibl. Riccardiana, et B. De Sallas Jaime. Die mittelalter- lichen Handschriften aus Cgm Neu beschrieben von Karin Schneider. Deutsche Weltchroniken des Mittelalters. Ensayo de distribution regional. Historia y Geografia, Madrid, BN, , lequel suscite des questions : sur sa composition, d'abord : il comporte, pour l'a.

Escorial, R. Madrid, BN, vitr. Escorial, e. Barcelone, Arch. Madrid, Bibl. Diekstra F. Di Mattia E. Dmitriev Michel. Mantoue, BC, Ce ms. Domanski Juliusz. Fribourg, Ed. Universitaires — Paris, Ed. Vestigia, Prix: FrS. Mais pourtant, comme l'expose P. Dominguez Fernando. Doner Janet R. Medium Aevum, 65, , p. There appears to be an evolution in the way these were envisaged by the planner, and connections can be made between allocation ot the illustrations and scribal preoccupations evident in the verse text.

Among the mss discussed are Paris, BNF, fr. Doob Penelope Reed. The labyrinth in art and literature The uses of manuscripts in literary studies: essays in memory ofJudson Boyce Allen. The author for the most part resumes her book- length work The idea of the labyrinth from classical antiquity through the Middle Ages, Ithaca, Cornell University Press, Of interest to the student of medieval books : the symbolic images of mazes which sometimes accompany literary texts such a maze is drawn at the end of Boethius, Consolatio philosophiae in Munich, BSB, Clm.

Further examples and will be found in the author's book, especially chapters 2 and 9. Gasparri dans une introduction p. Au groupe stylistique de Laon, l'a. Mazarine, ; Troyes, BM, et Enfin pour le groupe chartrain, l'a. Drabina Jan. Zabarella beeinfluCt wurden. Cracovie, Bibl. Comme pour les livres I-V t. Mais le Roscher donne un Napaios, nom d'un satyre Nonn. Corio Historia di Milano, , ; deux corrections : Mens.

Dubois Anne. Tradition et transmission. Les mss Paris, BNF, fr. Dubuis Roger. Sweester, en Duval Yvette. La gloire et l'oubli. Prix: FrB. I-XI, p. XII, p. XIII, p. Ebbesen Sten. Thirteenth-century Logic. Selected texts. God knows whatever he used to know. More sophismata about divine knowledge p. Bruges, BV, lere m. Erfurt, Amplon. John's Coll. Two Englishmen on 'Tantum unum est' p. Oriel 33, Quaestiones super Physicam Aristotelis, du ms.

Oxford, Oriel Coll. Quanta aliquid maius est tanto minus uidetur p. Pierre d'Espagne, Henri de Gand : 1. Logicalia from Parisian p. Paris, Mazarine, fos v Ar B. Anonymi Parisiensis Compendium Sophisticorum Elenchorum. The Uppsala Version. Uppsala, BU, C. Greek and Latin Medieval Logic. Marc, gr. Vatican, BAV, Barb. Edbury Peter and Folda Jaroslav. Two thirteenth-century manuscripts of Crusader legal texts from Saint- Jean d'Acre.

Marciana, ms fr. Le ms BNF, fr. Une bonne description des deux mss principaux figurent en appendice. Ehrman Bart D. Eleuteri Paolo. Prix : GBP : 4, Becension III, p. Epitalon Chantai. Turn- hout, Brepols, , XIX p.

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Plusieurs de ces publications ont pu faire l'objet d'une recension dans ce Bulletin. De ce lectionnaire B. Par recoupements cf. Mont-Cassin, 12, un sermonnaire , l'a. Le second fos ; fin IXe s. Escorial, L III 8, a. Beinau, , VIII" s. II , a. European Iconography East and West. Symbola et Emblemata. Prix: Nlg. ISSN: Faerber Robert. En annexe l'a. Madrid : Ministerio de Cultura, , vol. Faraci Dora. The Bestiary and its Sources. Some Examples. Reinardus, 7, , p. Il signale en premier lieu quelques cas inconnus d'influence du Physiologus Theobaldi, sur des textes latins les Exempta Hamiltoniana du ms.

Exeter, Cath. Ferreira Manuel Pedro. As Origens do Graduai de Braga. Didaskalia, XXV, fasc. Ferretti Cuomo Luisa. Traduzioni bibliche giudeo-italiane ed umanistiche. Zeit- schrift fur romanische Philologie, , , p. I testi sottoposti ad indagine provengono dai mss seguenti : New York, J. Seminary, Adler ; Parma B. Questi mss. Fiaccadori Gianfranco. Folda Jaroslav. Foley E. The Treasury of St. Revue , , p. Paris, B. Afin de combler une telle lacune, E. Folia Fugitiva : the pursuit of the Manuscript Leaf. Roger Wieck.

The of the Walters Art Gallery, 54, , p. Fornaciari P. Forstner Karl. Carinthia, I, , Jg. Salzbourg, St-Pierre, a X 4, ca. Kremsmiinster, Stiftsbibl. Salzbourg, St-Pierre, a X 3, ca. Pour le fond, l'a. Fransen G. Aevum 69, , p. Frassetto Michael. Martial of Limoges. In this fascinating article, the a. Fredell Joel. Reading the dream in the Confessio amantis. Medievalia et Humanistica, n. The Confessio amantis, John Gower's long poem combining amatory with moral and political themes, exists in two redactions, one dedicated to Richard II, the other to Henry IV, who deposed Richard in The Henrician version had only a limited circulation, being soon displaced by the poem's earlier from.

Joel Fredell here attempts an explanation, taking as his point of departure the miniatures illustrating the dream of Nebuchadnezzar Prol. Fredell makes an intricate argument for a change in the representation of Richard II under the Lancastrians : to distance themselves from the of usurpation it is claimed , Lancastrian rulers came in time to present Richard as simply the victim of fortune ; the return to a miniature without the king, less insulting to Richard, is found to be a part of this process.

Fredell, it should be noted, supposes an evolution in the treatment of Richard II for which evidence is scant, and the close reading of miniatures for the history of reception can be a dangerous B. Fuchs Johannes W. Furbeth Frank. Zeitschrift fur deut- sches Altertum und deutsche Liter atur, , , S. Die Ubersetzung Ludwig von Hohenwangs von gait bisher als einzige mittelalterliche deutsche Ubersetzung des Vegetius.

FB , fol. Inhaltsver- zeichnis und Vorrede der Ubersetzung, die auf einer in Italien geschriebenen Vegetius-Kompilation basiert, werden abgedruckt. F 17; Linz, StudienB, Cod. Fuhrmann Horst. Fyler John M. The metals are never in fact converted ; rather the canon has hidden silver shavings in a bit of charcoal, stopped with wax and placed so as to drip silver into his mold at the right moment. John Fyler claims to find the source for this episode in a story carried by some manuscripts of Peter Comestor's Historia scho- lastica for it he cites London, BL, Royal 7 F.

I 1 1, fol. The parallel is hardly exact. Other points of contact, farther-fetched yet, are imagined between the Canon's Yeoman's Tale and the Tower of Babel story. Other manuscripts cited : London, BL, Add. XI, 4 D. VII, 7 B. VI, 7 F. III, 15 D. III, 17 E. VII, 18 D. IX, 19 D. II, 19 D. III, 19 D. IV, 19 D. Gabriel C. Riggenbach et R. LB, Aug. Conti- nuatio medievalis. Galende Diaz Juan Carlos. Galloway Andrew. A fifteenth-century. Speculum, 70, , p. The comparative study of Latin riddles in the context of grammar and rhetoric could derive benefit from this discussion and transcription of four lists of riddles, namely : the section on riddles in the Secretum philosophorum in the early-fourteenth-century ms.

London, BL, Harley, ; those in the fifteenth-century ms. London, BL, Sloane which overlap closely with the riddles of the Harley ms. With these lists of riddles, the a. Geckeler Horst. Institut de Recherche et d'Histoire des Textes. ISBN Brepols : Sackur en d'un important ms. Celle-ci se base outre le ms Vat. Les annotations sont nombreuses et les index bien fournis. Un travail de longue haleine. Geschichte und Kultur der Palaiologenzeit. Wien, Dezember Osterreichische Akademie der Philosophisch-Historische Klasse. Denkschriften, L'ouvrage rassemble les communications de vingt- deux des participants au symposium.

Gilissen L. La recette du Parisinus lat.