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He quotes Ibn Ezra and states he had commenced a large book on astrology, one part of which, called Reshit Hok- mah Beginning of Wisdom , deals with Ibn Ezra 3. Joseph Solomon Delmedigo was a pupil of Galileo's in astronomy. He commented on various works of Ibn Ezra and alludes to the fact that his as- trological works had been translated into Latin and were held in nigh esteem 4.

Birkenmajer, 5 in concluding his investigation demonstrating the existence of Biblionomia, a cata- logue of tbe library of Richard de Fournival died ca. Paris lat. Bibliographie, XIX , Steinschneider, Ztsdv. OtixzKi, Mgz. La Bibl. Polonaise des Scienees et des Lettres Cracow, , 8 ; cited by E. Fakal, Reo. The following passages in which he refers to them have been pointed out by the scholars mentioned below. VIII, c. IX, c. III, c. VII, c. Steinschneider, Ztsehr. Allen's Slar-Names Opera L. Gaurici, I, 5, ; II, ; see supra, p. Libri, Hist. Gaffarel, Curiositez inouyes, These treatises, written in Hebrew, betray an Arabic influence both in the theories and in the lan- guage.

Two principal translations were made of fhem in French and Catalan. The translation of Hagin was rendered into Latin completely by at least one scl olar and in parts by two others. It is entirely extant in the version of Peter d'Abano but only partly so in that of Arnoul dc Quinquempoix. The version of Henry Bate may have served for the edition entitled Abbreviatio de luminaribus ei diebus creiicis which, in turn, was made accessible to the English-reading public by Nicholas Culpeper.

The polyglot character of the texts is but a reflection of the popularity which they enjoyed far and wide. It is not primarily as a study of the literary signifi- cance of these treatises, however, that the present work was undertaken. Its chief object is to investigate the language of the French translation from the point of vicw of French lexicography.

This purpose can best be subserved by the compilation of a comprehensive glos-. An attempt at such a glossary is found in the next part of this book. Approximately one hundred articles in this glossary treat of words unknown in normal Old French texts and limited in use to Judaeo- Raphael Levy. The translation.

It is the only work of this genre ex- tant known to have been set down originally in Roman characters. The articles extending to some length contain a words, word-forms, and meanings not in Godefroy, b words inaccurately treated in the dictionary of Go- defroy, and c additional quotations from Haginorfrom other Judaeo-French texts of words cited by Godefroy from Hagin alone. Supplementary infor- mation is given for the following 50 terms c recorded by Godefroy only in HJ : acommengal, amuissemerd, aprevoslir, aiaignemeni, averiissani, avoarrir f avugloisoKf broudis, buberue, crampissemeni, cuivrin, culaille, de- froiemenl, deliciemeni, depeloison, deserlemeni, en- foueur, eniillemeni, s'enlrevaschier, eschaiiioer, eschau- vissure, espeurissement, esragemeni, faillemeni,.

It may be added that Godefroy cites ex- amples of 34 other words from Hagin as is noted in detaii below. It is to be remembered that wherever no source is given for the words in the glossary, the Old French as well as the folio references are from HJ and the Latln from PA. The system employed in tran- scribing the Hebrew is, with a few differences, that outlined in the Jewish Encyclopedia, vol. The University of Iilinoia allowed mc.

Abisme, abyss abissus ; lehom. Abitable, inhabitable habitabilis ; yasab. Aboivrement, irrigation irrigatio ; masqeh. Accident, accident inlerposilio ; miqreh. Acheter, buy emere ; qnh. Theword, spelt in various ways, occurs often, sometimes more than once on the same folio : 3 c 24, It is also found in B, Prov.

Both substantives are formed on acommencer incipere; hil , 4 a 34, 18 a 4. Acourcement, shortening abbrevialio ; qocer. Acroisement, growth augmenlalio ; rebiyyah. Acroistre, grow augere ; hosef. Ades, always semper ; lamid. Adonc, then el ; y az. Adoubement, ornament adornalio ; kelem. Aduire, bring afferre ; habi. Aeis cf. Afaire, afTair, thing esse ; dabar. Afaitement, equation of a planet equaiio ; iiqqun.

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Afaitier, arrange equare ; iqn. Agabois, mockery. A blend between the forms agab and gabois, which are listed by Godefroy, has produced agabois. Aguisier, sharpen aculus ; had. Aidier, aid adjuvare ; 'zr. Aigle, eagle vuliur ; neSer.

Aigre, bitter acer ; hamuc. Ail, garlic alleum ; 'sum. Air, air aeris ; 'awer. Ajoindre, join confungere hiihabber. Ajouster, add addere ; hbr. Alaas cf. Alaitement, act. Alaitier, suckle laciare ; leniqihu. Alazel cf. Aldebaran, Aldebaran aldebaram ; aldebaran. Alegier, lighten alleviare ; heqal. Alement, course molus ; mahalak. Quoted by Godefroy, s. Aler, go ambulare ; hlk. Alongement, distance dislanlia ; merhaq. Alongier, lengthen maiorari ; ha'arik. Alremaih cf. Alsaeri cf. Amassee cf. Amassement, conjunction.

Amassement MO : ajustamenl de molts planets ; HB : collectio; collectio ; gibbuc est quant se conjongnent. I, 10 ; cf. Dar- mesteter, Romania, I , n. XXIV, 22, fol. LII, It is formed on amasser congregare ; liqnol , 79 c 12, 79 d Amer, bitter amarus ; mar. RY 71 Amer, love amare ; 'hb. Amermement, diminution diminulio ; migra'ah. Amermer, intrans. Ami, friend amicus ; 'oheb. Se la lune est en conjunction avec bone estoile, c'est tesmoing vrai a bien. Et s'ele est en regart avec bone estoile, c'estdemi tesmoing a bien. Et s'ele est en l'ajoustement avec les estoiles de Yamoiement fmedietas; hefsed , c'est tesmoing parfais a mal.

Tobler, amoier. Amonstrer, show manifeslare ; hareh. Amontement, ascension of a planet. Le secont de la force des signes et de leur amonlement GL : ascensio ; HB : ascensio ; ascensio ; ma l alah.

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The form amonlemenl has not been pointed out in normal Old French texts. The word is 1. On this use of the Hebrew word, cf. V, 19, I Chron. XL, 6, XL, 26, fol. Amor, love amicitia ; 'ahabah. Amostrer, show demonslrare ; hareh. Amuissement, muteness. Ses maladies sont la rongne et la froture et la liepre et Yamuissement MO : los muts ; GL : stum ; HB : amissio loquele seu mutitas ; mutitas ; Hllemut et la sourdete.

Ancien, ancient aniiquis ; qadmon. Anee, year annus ; sanah. Aniau, ring annulus ; paba'ai. Ansinc, so, also sic ; gam. Apareillier, prepare prompius ; haken. Aparir, appear apparere ; nir'ah. Apeler, call appelare ; gr'. Apeticier, lessen remillere ; Afr. Appareillement, equation of a planet equaiio ; iiqqun. Aprevostir, appoint as head.

Tous les homes de la bataille et les aprevostis VP : aprevostis ; prelati ; pegidim sur aus. XXIX, 26, fol. X, 18, Jer. I, 10, VI, 6, fol. I, This word seems limited to Judaeo-French ; it is absent from Tobler' s dictionary. Aprochement, action of approaching or application of a planet applicaiio ; qarob 47 c 7, 47 c Aquestement, acquisition censum parlum ; qinyan. Arbre, tree arbor ; 'ilan.

Arc, arrow sagiliarius ; qeSel. Archier, archer sagiiiarius ; qassai. Ardre, burn ardere ; srf.

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Argent, silver argenium ; kesef. Arme, soul anima ; nefes. Armer, arm cf. Armure, armor arma ; neseq. Ascension, ascension of a planet ascensio ; mig'ad. Asne, ass asinus ; hamor. Asotement, folly faluiias ; seful. Asses, many saiis ; harbeh. Asseve, thirsty siiiculosus ; game.

Assouaver, spread pleasantness. Only example given by Godefroy, s. Astronomien, astronomer asironomus ; 6a'aZ maz- zalol. Ataignement, attainment, Iunation. This example is the only one given by Godefroy, s. Atatsement, feral position of a planet ; cf. New Eng. DicL, s. L'atissement VP : ataisement ; MO : quant esta torbant ; HB : alienatio ; feralitas ; somem le remuement et l'amassement. For these examples Godefroy, s.

The misinterprel. VIII, 11, fol. Ataire y verbe. Ateu, part. In addition ln tlio ox. X, 3, fol. II, 9, "fol. XXXVI, 21, fol. II, 10, fol. IV, 6, X, 15, fol. XV, 16, fol. L, 30, Isa. IV, 6, X, 15, Dan. XII, 11, Neh. Tobler does not list these words at all, while the sole example cited by Godefroy, s. Nagetl, Archiv Stud. I am unable to find this reference. Atirement, arrangement adequaiio ; 'crek. Atrempement, raixture temperaium ; mesek.

Atremper, mix lemperare ; m? Auge, higher apsis, highest point of the apparent course of an astronomical body. Aumaille, cattle animalia ; baqar. Autre, other alius ; zeh. Avec, with ad ; l im. Avenanment, properly conveniens ; hogen. Avenant, attractive dccens ; na'ah. Avenir, happen coniingere ; qrh. Aver, Avers, according to.

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In the version adopted by Baif, which can be traced through Philostratus, No. It isused re- peatedly throughout HJ, often more than once on a folio : 52 a 23, 53 c 28, 53 d 33, 58 d 24, 59 a 16, 60 b 18, 60 c 21, 63 c 22, 63 d 7, 71 b 12, 24,etc. VIII, 3, fol. XXIX, 10, fol. The fact that prepositional and adverbial forms with and without — s existed side by side cf. Meyer-Lubke, Gram. The form avers, adversus cf.

Et avers HB : secundum ; secundum;ke-fi sa force amonstre sa nature. Avers EV : according to ; LA : sccundum ; secundum ; ke-fi le mellement de son cors et la nature de l'air. Avers AQ : per ; secundum ; ke-fi la latitude de la terre. XVI, 16 1. Avertissant, intelligent. Sera s'estande avenant et son cors droit et bel et il sachant et averlissant VP : advertissant ; HB : prudens ; astutus ; mebin. Godefroy, s. Aviron, oar remas ; masof. Avom, have habere ; yes. Avorter, miscarry aboriare ; nfl. Avourrir, abhor. II sera biaus en son cors mes ses faces seront safrenaces ct ara enseigne sur son bras le senestre ou sur son mallin, hastant 1.

Bos gives the form avorir and La Curne de Sainte-Palaye abhorrir. Thc forms in -b- are probably inexact writings for forms in -v-. Avoutire, adultery adulleriurn ; no'ef. Avugloison, blindness. The spellings avuglayzon and avoglayzon are found in AI. Bacheler, youth iuvenis ; bahur. Bachelerie, adolescence iuvenlus ; baharul. Baillement, giving muluum ; nedibah. Baillie, power poieslas ; pcqidul. Baissele, servant ancilla ; sifhah. Baisser, lower declinare ; nfl. Balance, balance libra ;moznayim.

Barbe, beard barba ; zaqan. Barnage, power baronia ; geburah. Bas, low inferior ; pahui. Baston, stick bacuhim ; maqqel. Bataile, battle prelium ; milhamah. Ben, well bonum ; fo6. Beneure, happy augurium felix ; asre. Bestelete, small beast besiiola ; hayyah. Bestens, dispute conlenlio ; mahaloqet. Biaute, beauty pulchriludo; yafeh. Biche, beast serpens ; hayyah. Blanchece, whiteness. Blanchece is apparently found in D, Gen. XLIX, 18, fol. This form is notlistedby Godefroy, butToblcr,s. Pannier in fascicule LII uf the Bibl.

Studer an. Evans, Anglo-Norman Lapidaries p. Ble, wheat blanda ; iebu'ah. Boissans, deceitful nugax ; boged. Boivre, drink bibere ; lislol. Bon, good fortune ; fo6. Bonigier, do good. This example is the only one given in Godefroy, s. On Judaeo-French verbs ending in — ificare, see eigier, infra, p. IV, 24, VI, 2, fol. I, 20, Isa. I, 17 , fructificare add froiigier in B, Psalms CV, 24, fol.

XIX, 10, fol. XXX, 29, fol.

Monica Lovinescu Jurnal 1985 -1988 (volumul 2)

Bou, bracelet bous ; Qamid. Bourjon, bud pidlalalio ; 7'c. Bousacle, water-mclon. Et des arbres saus de torrent et les peschiers et toutes manieres de porees et de coucourdes et les bousacles NH : melons ; MO : melones e albudegues ; HB : melones ; pepones ; abaftiakh et coucombres. Taking routeikha, the popular form of the word as it is heard in thc speech of Ihe nalives of Norlhern Syria 2 , as the point of de- parture, the least modified form boudeke is found in Rashi by thc side of boudeclrs 3.

As noted by Professor 1. Tilander, Ztchr. PhiL, XLV , pp. This information was kindly furnished me by Dr. Abraham Juda Levy ; cf. Dozy-Engelmann, art. KIII, , ; N, 1. XI, 5, and in bousacle 1. To arrive at the modern French word, another series of forms is to be strcssed, special atten- tion being called to the explanation of the s. Schefer, p.

Constable, p. Devie, in the Suppl. Brehains, sterile sieriiis ; 'aqar. Bride, bridle habena ; resen. Broudis, embroidcry. Classe k. XII , 57 n. C, Ezek. Buberue, pustule. De ses maladies la fievre ague et l'eschaufoison et les buberues MO : floronques ; HB : apostemata rubicunda seu carbunculi ; pustula ; ' ababu'ah rouges qui issent ou cors de l'ome et la peur et l'esragement.

Buciie, Iog lignutn ; l cg. Buef, Taurus iaurus ; sor. Buire, cruet cf. II montera iluec un home nu de son chief duques a son ombril en faiture d'ome et de son ombril en aval en faiture de cheval et en sa mein arc et saiete et il crie, et il montera iluec selonc le sens Bertelmieu le col de l'ours petit et une partie de la keue du dragon et le burellion GL : zagel ; HB : femora ; caudile ; 'alyah de celi qui va sur ses geneus. Et il montera iluec selonc le sens Bertelmicu la fin de la keue de l'ours petit et le pic de la gelineet le chiefdu cheval premier et le burellion HB : posteriora ; posteriora ; 'alyah du chevrcl et sa keue.

Les estoiles qui sont sur la bouche de l'cngnel eles sont en la nature de mercure et un petit en Ia nature de saturne et l'entoile qui est sur son pie ele est de la nature de mars et cele qui est sur le bureillon HB : jemora ; cauda ; 'alyah ele est de la nature de venus. Hubcrl, Rev. It is a weli known fact that names of parts of the body are often shifted to apply to other parts 2. Car, for quidem ; ki. Carebinaque cf. Casebat cf. Caus, blow iclus ; makkah.

Picard form. Ce, this quid ; zol. Ceint, cf.

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Centre, centre cenlrum ; mucaq. Cerchier, seek inquirere ; hqr. Cercle, circle circulus ; galgal. Chaitivoison, captivity caplivilas ; galui. Chaline , warmth calidilas ; hom. Champangne, plain campns ; biq l ah. Chandele, candle candela; ner. Chant, song canlus ; niggun.

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Chanter, sing canere ; rc n. Chapitre, chapter capilulum ; sa l ar. Char, meat caro ; basar. Charete, cart quadrigc ; c agalol. Charneure, flesh carne ; basar. Charroiement, fornication. Et celi qui est nes a l'emploial du signe il est fieus des char- roiemens MO : bagassa ; HB : incantationum ; adulterinum filius ; zenunim.

On the secondary meaning given the Hebrew word by Ibn Ezra, Cf. Gesenius, Thesaurus, s. Vendryes, Le Langage Paris, , XXI, 7, to ancharoiemenl and ancharoiani in C, Jer. XIII, 27, Hos. IV, 15, fol. Chartre, prison carcer ; sohar. Chasti, instruction casius ; musar. Chastri, eunuch caslrari ; saris. Chat, cat murilegus ; afuZ. Chaus, lime calx ; sid.

Chaut, warm calidus ; km. Chauve, bald calvus ; qereah. Chauvissure, baldness. Cheint, girdle procincius ; 'ezor. Chemin, road ilinera ; derek. Cheoir, fall cadere ; nfl. Cheval, horse equinus ; sus. Chevauchure, equitation equitatio ; markebet. Cheveu, hair capillum ; qewucol. Ciieville, peg angulus ; yated. Chevrel, Capricornus capricornus ; gedi. Chief, head capul ; roi. Chiement, fall casus ; nefilah. Chien, dog canis ; keleb.

Chierte, dearness chariias ; yaqar. Chies, at the horae of penes ; bei. Chievre, goat caprinus ; l ez. Chose, thing quod ; dabar. Ciel, heaven cf. Clarte, light lumen ; 'or. Clef, key clavis ; mafleah. Cler, clear lucidus ; mc'irol. Cleufichement, cf. Climat, climate clima ; gebul. Clofichement, engraving ; Clofichier, engrave. Romnia ar putea renuna, ncepnd cu , la alternarea orei de var cu ora de iarn.

Comisia European a propus, anul acesta, renunarea la schimbarea sezonier a orei n Europa n , oferind statelor membre libertatea de a decide o dat pentru totdeauna dac doresc s aplice n mod permanent ora de var sau de iarn. Grade 3 Maths Worksheets; Stunning Facts. Platypuses can consume food equal to their own body weight in a 24 hour period. Read More. Did You Know? World Oceans Day. June 8, World Oceans Day is observed annually on June 8 around the world. The oceans cover about twothirds. Nov 18, But what if you want romance with a twist, let's say some ghosts or vampires?

Don't worry, Korean dramas have it all. Don't get me wrong, I am definitely not a horror movie fan note: Koreans are also ' bloody' good in the horror movie genre but after years of romancedrama watching, I do appreciate a supernatural twist here and there. Algarismos de menor valor esquerda so subtrados do algarismo de maior valor. Existe ainda a regra de que um algarismo no pode ser repetido lado a lado por mais de trs vezes.

The Roman Forum was where religious and public life in ancient Rome took place. The Forum is, along with the Colosseum, the greatest sign of the splendour of the Roman Empire that can be seen today. After the fall of the Empire, the Roman Forum was forgotten and little by little it.

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