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What Your Hands Say About Your Personality

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Ordering your 'Transits of the Year' Report You can order your Transits of the Year for any twelve-month period of time. Transits of the Year, report based on your personal transits, author Robert Hand, 25 - 28 pages A4. Perfect bound.

The additional 'Horoscope Calendar' If you would like to explore the more detailed daily transits, you can order your Personal Horoscope Calendar either in addition to the Transits of the Year or separately. Palm reading through seems easy is a very complex and broad area to hold mastery in and can only be aced by the experienced and the greatest astrologers just like Astrologer Shiva Nanda of Canada, who is well versed with the ins and outs of this art form for more years than one could imagine.

Though there are many ways of examining and understanding the meaning behind the shape and formation of the lines of the palm, Astrologer Shiva Nanda suggests that one must always commence understanding the palm lines by first examining the kind of hand a person is born with. People born with Air Hands are curious and intellectual.

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They would like to divulge into the matters pertaining to the life and its aspects with the careful study and logic. They are also the ones who worry the most and are deeply involved in internationalizing their feelings and their anxiety issues. People born with Earth Hands are very logical, authoritative, practical and level-minded and would like to go to the depths of the issues with a straight and clear mind no matter how complex they are.