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Aries Horoscope 12222: Become The Master Of Your Destiny This Year

Rough and tumble Aries natives might feel invincible, but with the sun in Virgo, you need to watch for minor injuries and health issues which may occur as a result of your active lifestyle. In terms of work, there is a slow, precise progression, particularly if you move methodically.

On the 17th, the sun moves into Libra, which can trigger quarrels and misunderstandings between you and your partner. If single, this lends proactive, fiery energy to your character that draws admirers. With Mercury in Virgo, you will be in a financially stable position and recognised at the work place.

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On the 6th, Mercury moves into Libra which can cause plans to fall through. You are encouraged to embrace spontaneity and a roll with the punches attitude to life.

On the 26th, Mercury moves into Scorpio, which can trigger fame and glory. Good days for love are the 13th, 15th, 20th and 21st. A lover might appear on the scene who is a bit older and more financially established too. If you are in a relationship in which assets like cash and real estate are shared, there could be some tense moments. This could come in the form of unexpected expenses, arguments about how money is being spent, or finding out that a lover is in debt or they spend WAY too much.

FYI: Mercury is going to go retrograde on the 31st in your house of net worth, which includes debt and investments. This energy will also be felt at both the full moon and the new moon. Ruled by the planet Mars, you love to get in first anyway, and winning is important. The good Aries never backs down from a challenge.

Aries October Horoscope

If anyone weaker needs to be protected, or an ideal needs to be defended, you are right there at the head of the column, and will fight to the end to see that Right prevails. The trouble is that Aries doesn't always know what is right - bigger, noisier and better armed is not necessarily better. Winning is great, but not at the expense of honor.

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Make sure the cause is worth your zeal because things get downright ugly when you go to the dark side and start to fight just for the sake of it.