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However, as both will find, Mercury at the start of the week and Venus over the weekend, this year a balance between your personal and relationship needs is being policed. While the overlap days will create some of the most romantically charged conditions seen all year, this is a chance for Venus to pass the baton onto Mars, ensuring the romantic spirit will continue to burn brightly. Even if it was just Pluto, in his first full week in direct motion in your relationship sector being supported by Juno in your communication sector, this would still be and is stunning.

As the queen of commitment and especially commitment to your relationships, Juno is staying on to focus especially on your relationships, just as the tide is turning. That Venus will be followed by forces that will keep matters of the heart in play through to the New Year, means you have reached the most romantically charged months, rather than weeks of These are the best conditions seen on the romantic and relationship fronts this year and they are not only well deserved but are just a taste of things to come.

While the balance of power is on the romantic side of the fence and that will continue, especially with Jupiter moving into his final eight weeks in your romantic sector on Tuesday, your relationships get a look in this week. It is a combination of the Moon making its monthly visit to your relationship sector and finding itself in the right place at the right time.

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The Moon returns to your relationship sector on Monday and will spend the early days of the week here, fuelling your emotional responses as it does once every four weeks. What makes the timing so auspicious is that the Moon will be here until Venus leaves your communication sector midweek and for the final days of her mission to give your heart and your relationships a voice. Do you want to understand why your partner is doing the things that are bothering you?

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Click for answers! Both romantic and relationship matters have had their fair share of challenges this year, but both not only experience a stunning turnaround this week but at the same time. It was in the middle months of the year that the faster planets moved into opposition with both planets in your romantic sector, before moving on to oppose Neptune, in retrograde motion in your relationship sector. The last opposition, that put your personal and relationship needs into conflict, was just last week, but what a difference a week makes.

Just as Pluto is spending his first full week in direct motion in your romantic sector surrounded by support, Neptune and your relationships have an even more dramatic turnaround. Already support between planets on the communication and relationship fronts is becoming tighter. The Moon will return to your romantic and relationship sectors this week but with a very different experience. The Moon will return 36 hours before Venus, the planet of love is due to leave Libra, with romantically charged lunar vibes in play during her final days and then lingering after she leaves.

It also means that Venus will miss the Full Moon that the Moon will return over the weekend to create.

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This will see your personal and relationship needs clash but a clash midweek will give you a good sense of what you want from your relationships and what they need from you. The lines between the past, present and future are set to become a lot more blurred on the romantic front, though that is more likely to be the case from midweek. To begin with, the focus is all on the past, when it will be impossible to imagine a sense of romantic nostalgia coming any thicker. You not only begin the week with Neptune in retrograde motion in your romantic sector, as he has been since June but with Venus, the planet of love in her final days in a nostalgic part of your chart.

By Wednesday that the lines between the past, present and future will become blurred with Venus, the planet of love leaving a nostalgic part of your chart and returning to Scorpio in order to open new doors. This will see romantically charged lunar vibes flow freely into new doors and the doors still open to the past and second chances. In the meantime, some relationship tension at the start and again later in the week is just a balance between your personal and relationship needs being policed.

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The Moon is set to have an impact on the romantic and relationship fronts this week, however one in a very overt and the other in a more subtle way. With no planetary activity in your relationship sector and no relationship gods in play, communication is the key to keeping your relationships on track. There will be no mistaking or avoiding these romantically charged lunar vibes, for the Moon returns to create a Full Moon.

With the Full Moon not peaking until 36 hours after the Moon returns, this is a slow moving event.

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While Uranus, in retrograde motion in your romantic sector will come under pressure twice this week, it is at either end of the week and it is the right planets bringing the right wakeup calls at the right time. When Uranus returned in March for a seven year visit, the biggest danger when a planet is here for so long is complacency. Once a year the faster moving planets must move into opposition and always while Uranus is in retrograde motion, this is a safeguard to check that you are not asleep at the wheel. Yet having the Moon in your communication sector and the access this gave you to the resources there, means that as it leaves today and relationship tensions dial back, communication has turned this into an opportunity for a breakthrough.

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Just two days after Mercury, the planet of communication returned to Scorpio and on the same day Pluto turned direct in your communication sector, the Moon returns. At a time when a balance between your personal and relationship needs are being policed, the Moon returns to amplify not only the communication support available but how free of restriction this now is. Where Venus, the planet of love may have delivered some wakeup calls on the romantic front over the last few days, she is now preparing to deliver the benefits.

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Not only are you more empowered but your relationships have more support and while a balance between your personal and relationship needs will still be put to the test, this should be an easy one to pass. Now that Mars has returned to an adventurous part of your chart Venus, the planet of love knows that her final days here can be a lot more exciting. While Mars has left you with a better sense of what you are fighting for Juno, goddess of all relationships is staying on for another month to help you see things through in a quieter, more confident and less dramatic way.

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