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I love her so much so try to find some information. True Scorpio and Aries are magnetic … Only drawback is Scorpio controlling and possessive nature which may become Hindrance to this beautiful couple … Scorpio are sexy and loyal yet very insecure … if they can come out of this mindset. Aries Men and scorpio women : not sure if they will work on their drawbacks … it all depends.

Nicola-Foster make her mother jelouse. Im a March Aries. And when I request space, it means inreality that I have already replace or I have found someone else that peaks my interest. I am Libra, 36 years, fell in Love with an Aries woman 34 years. I have told her my love for her, but she has noth yet. We went late outing, gave her space with her friends, when she felt like going home, not a kiss or come on honey lets go home, she just left. The hurtful part is when i stand up later to talk about her mixed signals, she says it is not a critical issue and normal.

And always wants to win the arguement, i just feel it. It hurts, i am very emotional too, i did everything for her and ready to do more. Now we decided to give space and trust me, her not around burns.

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So, what does this all mean, and my stance? Remember we do believe in the phrase that people can agree to disagree. An Aries woman needs to Know that her man will 1. Love her and her only, 3 Provide for her. Keep that in mind and hopefully another will come your way. I suggest to move on … I am Pisces man and dating Aries women she literally used me for money and time pass … I was so fooled by her … she never loved me and I found her very selfish but its ok I feel its better to move on …. You lovely Pisceans go great with Cancers and Virgos.

I am a Aries woman, my partner is a Taurus man and in the beginning we liked each other then we started clashing and for a year i showed him interest and no interest, but he continued to persue me, I finally gave in and now we both found out we had more in common then we thought.

So you see it can work but it requires sacrifice on both sides and not just on one. A never ending Fairytale. Married now 16 yrs with 3 kids , and we have just as much spark if not more than when we meet. Air Signs like Aquarius and gemini are unpredictable doesnt mean they are not compatible with Aries but they Fire element exist in Leo and Sagi … with them you will feel more comfortable. I am an aries woman. Astrology was amusing for me. Yet I am amazed at the highly scientific way everything is calculated.

And how details can be strangely true if not coincidental. I got to this page in a twist and fun reading your comments. What got me to post this is the familiarity of the aquarius man-aries woman description. I bumped into my aquaman almost three years ago.

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I felt like he was so sacred to me, i felt so relieved when we found each other. Like a burden was lifted off my shoulder. Love was not a question it was there from the beginning. I am a so-called man magnet, had my choice of men. He is endearing, affectionate, kind, sweet, honest and trustworthy. Not only good-looking and intelligent. Yes, he befriends everybody. Very interested in people and travels a lot. I, too, have friends from all walks. Can be quirky but i love the weirdness. He has silly and out-of-this world jokes that i adore.

We laugh at our jokes other people might not understand. We do each do our own thing and get back together to recharge. He can handle me and i love him for it. Amazing, he tames me, i listen to him. With our resolute patience, just taking it. So i decided, enough, i surrender to my equally stubborn aquarius. When i look into his eyes, i see his soul. I leave it all to God.

They dont catch feelings easily. They will make you feel sorry for them and bad for them even though they have stomped on your feelings. My virgo husband is now with another woman and left me with cancer and pregnant. I just had his son a beautiful boy and after all of this I still love him which proves that they connect with aries in such a way that we never forget. My virgo husband left me for a tarus and I am devistated. I wonder if Aries will ever find some1 to love..

Aries Man here : …from my experience of ppl i been involved wth 1. Aries-Capricon 2 : Both can be best of frnds,, caring for each other…works out very well.. Aries-Aries 1 : Two equals who appreciate each other very much, sex is gud.. Aries-Libra 1 : The most boring of all.. Aries-Virgo 3 : Everything is awesome.. I met this aries guy with whom i have developed deep feelings for to later find out i was a rebound. We are limited to weekend visits, phone calls, and texting and i think this is discouraging him.

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I am devoted to having a committed relationship with him and there is no one else in my life. I have expressed to him about how i feel about him. He says he needs time to learn to trust me and i am willing to give him that time to figure out what he needs to do. On several occasions, i have also mentioned that i would be willing to move to his city so that we would be able to spend more time together and see where this relationship will go.

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My question is what should i do? Should i wait while he decides? How long? Or learn more? Jasmine21 Actually to answer your questions, a very detailed explanation is needed. I will try my best. Choose Love because actually its fear that causes pain and suffering. By choosing Love you are actually choosing freedom and happiness. Love is not an emotion but fear is. Love is actually a very very very deep acceptance of the fact that the human relationships are very dynamic and people come and go in our lives.

It is a total absence of neediness, possessiveness and dependency. Think about it. What happens is, everyone has some fear so people want to control the relationship and be totally in charge so that they can prevent the hurt and damage. It is only because of fear and pride that people constantly argue with each other. Also people are ever changing, their bodies change overtime and also their ideas and opinions. One cannot really control the natural processes. To be in Love, simply means enjoying these changes and be with them. All I can say is, give yourself a break.

Learn more about Love and give it a chance. Let go of the fear and it will happen by itself when you have deeply understood Love and Life. Cause some guys only keep you around so that when they wanna be bothered, they have someone to call. So what do you think? RUN as fast as you can! Cause you dont wanna get hurt. See if you really want to deeply experience the magic of Love, you have to drop the idea of controlling or dominating in the relationship. The way to do it is to introduce more and more Laughter. May be you want it to be that way?? Its just the fun part and happens at the beginning of every relationship.

But soon these goosebumps and attraction fades away…. If you like him, let him know, without any fear. Always love him but it would have never worked. He is to dependent and I am too independent. Always had to be in a relationship. Again, dependent but very artistic. He was interesting but not enough to make me want to stick around.

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Right now we are on different coasts. I played with his heart a little. Not on purpose but now the shoe is on the other foot. Not sure how happy cause he has been chasing me for the past 3 yrs and been with her for the past 2. And the sex…. Leos and Aries are naturally drawn to each other like moths to a streetlight. That was funny. But yeah, your number 3 is spot on!

Aries woman: I am in love with a gemini. It is quite funny as I am getting a divorce from a Gemini. Not sure why I am always surrounded by twins. I even have twin kids.

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Would the year play a role as well in determining your compatibility, eg Chinese horoscope. Encourage his behavior. Give him his freedom and there is no point forcing a choice on him. Patience will be a key factor. Im a aries women in a 3yr. Throughout it all, he hasnt cheated on me and I find that very valuable in a man.. I love him but I feel like mayb we need a break so he can see whats more important to him … I dont know??

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