Aquarius tarot october 23 2019

Here is your horoscope for today, Thursday, October 3, , plus a tarot card. Aries, you may have some energy today and feel like you're ready and willing to take on the world. You might have so much to do at the end of the day but it's nothing you can't handle.


Taurus, things can take a turn and fall back into balance but not without putting out a fire or two by mid-day. You're likely to find an error that needs correcting thankfully before any harm gets done. Gemini, your smart and quick thinking can bring about a new way of doing things. You may just reinvent the wheel in an area of work you weren't thinking you'd have to do but realize it makes life so much easier for you.

Cancer, this is a healing time when you start to see who is for you and who is not.

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You may feel some deep-seated trust issues kick up today and it can be the past coming up for you to see how it has no power over you any longer. Leo, your thoughts can guide you. This time around trust your inner voice and your gut to guide you in the direction that you know you need to go. When you let others influence your decision making it can lead to feeling down. You really do know what you want and need more than anyone else.

Virgo, your motherly instinct kicks in today.

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You play the role with friends and family as the caretaker. Keep your giving under control so that you don't give all of your time away without anything left for yourself. Libra, you may be socializing a little bit more and being the center of attention. Your hospitable nature and outgoing personality easily wins everyone over.

Your presence is unforgettable and your charm contagious. Scorpio, you have to make a decision today and can get caught up in the emotional side of changes you don't like to do but realize are necessary.

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Give yourself time to adjust and don't rush until you're ready. Time may wait for no one but you control your time.


Sagittarius, you can tackle projects that seem to have piled up this week and last. Understand compatibility with love horoscope. Check love percentage using love calculator.

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  5. You are full of positive energy and are likely to be surprised when you see how much you manage to accomplish today. All your backlogs will be cleared up and any blocks in the way of difficult projects will completely disappear today. You will not only be able to finish all your considerable workload with ease, but will also be able to infect everyone around you with your enthusiasm.

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