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When it comes to leadership styles, Aries , those are your options—and by now, you probably know which one is more effective. So why not put it on the back burner for now? Learning should be fun, Gemini.

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But even social learners like you need to buckle down and hit the books once in a while. A solitary deep dive into the subject of your choice could make you a bona fide expert—and even better, help you understand your own mind.

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Your cup overfloweth, Cancer! You were born to stand out, Leo! Not fit for public consumption? We get it, Libra —sometimes socializing feels too much like a performance.

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Maybe skip the party this time and hang out with that person instead! Haters gonna hate, Scorpio —intellectually, you get this. Lighten up, Sag! Hard work and self-discipline get most of the credit for your success, but rest and recreation are equally important.

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Art by Collage By Burbemm. Aries Headstrong, or heart-centered? Gemini Learning should be fun, Gemini. Cancer Your cup overfloweth, Cancer! Leo You were born to stand out, Leo!

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Libra Not fit for public consumption? Scorpio Haters gonna hate, Scorpio —intellectually, you get this.

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These traits are generally assets, but they can cause them to become their own worst enemies. They are quick to apologize for real or imagined misdeeds, but, unfortunately, they go on living their lives in a way that makes the recurrence of such actions probable. October 15 people make loyal and loving friends.

Romance is a roller coaster ride.

Their fair-minded and forgiving qualities are virtues that sometimes work against their best interests. They are flirty, not fickle, and once they make a commitment they remain true. October 15 people may have experienced tumultuous events growing up and may spend part of their adult life reacting to the resulting insecurity.

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If there is little harmony in their lives, they will opt to live on the surface and avoid emotional commitment. But they'll go to any lengths to make their children feel happy and safe.

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With a big appetite for life, October 15 people may have a hard time maintaining a strict nutritional regimen. Motivated more by cosmetic than health concerns, they may endorse fad diets rather than sensible eating. They enjoy sports, but this may not be enough to keep them fit.