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It's just some I've noticed into meeting them. I don't know what it is, but it's like they have this thing where they look so empty inside.

Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Maybe wanted to stay detached, especially when they have an air or earth moon. Almost like their are high off air. It's cray. I can't be the only one that noticed this? I would post pictures but I don't know how. The weekend does too.. I could go on with people.. Apr 9, 2. Apr 9, 3. I think air signs are like that. Day dreaming, planning, just plain ol thinking. Apr 9, 4.

#astrologyweekend: why do aquarius eyes look so empty and detached??

I think this applies to the aqua ascendants The ones I know and the celebrities have these eyes. Apr 9, 5. For me personally it's because I am detached and somewhere else most of the time. I'd rather live in my head than in this reality, even when things are awesome. Constellations danielhowell amazingphil. I'm so late in posting this wow I mean this is literally from summer anyway.. Enjoy your day! All of them!! Aries: fiery, commanding, striking, absorbing eyes Taurus: erotic, warm, shimmering, benevolent eyes Gemini: mischievous, shrewd, playful, sharp eyes Cancer: sympathetic, watery, graceful, harmless eyes Leo: feline, large, glittering, attractive eyes Virgo: innocent, inquisitive, humble, observant eyes Libra: passive, peaceful, sweet, gorgeous eyes Scorpio: dark, magnetic, mysterious, penetrating eyes Sagittarius : fierce, wild, dazzling, joyful eyes Capricorn: icy, intelligent, piercing, stunning eyes Aquarius: chaotic, attentive, restless, outstanding eyes Pisces: ethereal, drowsy, glistening, alluring eyes.

I always wanna be better, smarter, the best version of myself I can possibly be Libra: Keeps me at peace, living in harmony, and smiling in serenity Scorpio: Makes my heart hurt in longing. The need for you is insanity Sagittarius: Draws me in, ready to hold your hand and take on the world with you Capricorn: Fills me with dread and jealously. I want to feel calm just like your soul Aquarius: Screams hopes, dreams, and beauty. Your eyes inspire me to reach further than I ever have before Pisces: Make my heart feel warm and beautiful.

There are far too many posts about rising signs that are limited to Eurocentric features. This is going to be NOT that. Aries: Sharp eyes. Hair may have a reddish tint. Average Height. Sharp brows. A very expressive face. A bit baby faced.

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Taurus: Short and a bit stocky. Very thick, dense hair. Hands may be on the larger side. Nice sense of style, may dress in cute clothes that also provide a lot of comfort. Soft skin. Gemini: Eyes that seem to sparkle. May have long limbs or arms longer than the legs big feet. Average height. Might change their appearance to fit in with what's around them. Cancer: Easily gains weight. Full cheeks. Water eyes that seem to have a lot of depth.

Thick dark hair, may be quite curly. Often short or they look short due to proportions. Very soft skin. If they have breasts, they tend to be busty. Leo: Hair. The first thing you notice on them is probably their hair. Big forehead.

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Long legs. Virgo: Small soft hands. Small, sharp eyes. Hyperaware of their own appearance and people looking at them. Dresses conservatively. Averge height.

May not be the type to stand out. Libra: Sharp bone structure. Interesting hair maybe a cool cut or interesting color. Dark eyes. Doe eyed.

Narrow faces. High foreheads. Nice butts. Scorpio: Very dark eyes. Intense gaze.

Find Ways to Turn on an Aquarian Men

Aquarius energy doesn't care about tradition, and it doesn't cling to the past — its mind is always on the future, focused on exploring possibilities, thinking outside the box, and making the world a radically better place. That said, you can bet we're all in for a wild ride with this fixed air sign in the driver's seat.

Aquarians are basically aliens in human clothing — and just in case you took that as anything but the highest compliment, let me clarify: I absolutely mean that as the highest compliment. Even the most seemingly normie Aquarian has a twinkle in their eye that betrays the fact that their ideas are totally out there and other-worldly.

What's also fascinating about Aquarius is its paradoxical nature: Its energy is based on being a complete and total individual, yet it devotes this uncompromising uniqueness to the collective good. Bustle spoke with astrologer Lisa Stardust about what's to come for us during Aquarius season. And it's no surprise that the Aquarius vibe likes to stray from the beaten path and march to the beat of its own drum. Just look at its ruling planet, Uranus, which happens to be only planet that spins on its side. No coincidence there! Uranus is the planet of sudden change, inspiration, and higher thinking.

It's also apparently the coldest planet in the solar system, which is also symbolic, given that the Aquarius can sometimes be viewed as a bit of an ice queen due to its emotionally detached and highly-objective perspective. In honor of Aquarius season, make a pledge to let your freak flag fly over the coming month. Be your weird, true, one-of-a-kind self, and stop worrying about what other people think.