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Exploring the Famous Southern Cross Constellation

July 30, Acrux is located in the southern constellation of Crux, whose shape is defined by its beautiful Southern Cross asterism. Due to precession , Acrux was at one time visible to Hindu astronomers in ancient India, who knew the star as Tri-shanku. At about the same time, it was also visible to ancient Greek and Roman observers, who at the time saw the stars of Crux as part of constellation Centaurus. Its primary star, Alpha-1 Crucis, is a blue-white sub-giant B0. The two stars in the primary system A1 and A2 Crucis are separated by a distance of 4 arc seconds , giving the pair an orbital period of about 1, years, based on both their AU astronomical unit separation, and their observed orbital motions that have barely changed over the past few decades.

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  4. Alpha-1 Crucis is itself a spectroscopic binary system, which means that its two components cannot be observed visually as two separate stars. What is making the Crucis multiple system even more complex, is the fact that located about 90 seconds of arc away from the cooler component of the primary pair is another star, designated HR , which shares a common proper motion with a Crucis, thus suggesting that it is gravitationally bound to the primary system.

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    However, HR is also a close spectroscopic binary star with an orbital period of 29 hours, with another faint companion about 2. Additionally, another seven dim stars , spread out over two arc minutes, are associated with the a Crucis grouping.