5 november full moon astrology

Moon enters Sagittarius. Sep 7, AM. Moon enters Capricorn.

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Sep 9, PM. Moon enters Aquarius. Sep 12, AM. Moon enters Pisces.

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Sep 14, PM. Moon enters Aries. Sep 17, AM. Moon enters Taurus. Sep 19, PM. Moon enters Gemini. Sep 22, AM. Moon enters Cancer. Sep 24, AM. Moon enters Leo. Sep 26, AM. Moon enters Virgo. Sep 28, AM. Moon enters Libra.

Sep 30, AM. Oct 2, AM. Oct 4, PM.

Oct 7, AM. Oct 9, PM. Oct 12, AM.

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Oct 14, PM. Oct 17, AM. Oct 19, AM. Oct 21, PM. Oct 23, PM. Oct 25, PM. Oct 27, PM. We try to find our inner truth and contemplate on matters silently. We think that our truth is the only truth and we tend to glibly express it.

We therefore have to be very careful with what we say and how we say it. Mercury is also square to Neptune in Pisces. Our judgment is clouded.

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A mist lingers on the tracks of the unceasing train of thoughts. We cannot think clearly, the mind detaches and loses its objective footholds, sliding to fantasy land, daydreaming. Under this hazy landscape we may be the victims of misconceptions or be deceived.

We have to be very careful in all matters that require precision of thought and clear judgment, and it is better to delay decisions till later. Jupiter is also conjunct the Sun and opposing the Moon. Though the first aspect brings optimism, generosity, and enthusiasm, the opposition with the Moon, especially now that the moon is in a polarity that highlights our emotional needs, brings overwhelming sentimentality.

Remember that under a full moon emotions are always tense. The Jupiter conjunct Sun enthusiasm in its heart entails an overestimated confidence in ourselves and our abilities.

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A faith in us that may turn out to be just a result of cloudy judgment Mercury retrograde square Neptune , and that will make us not to know where we stop. We have to be careful not to be deceived out of sheer faith in the good intentions of others. We must remember not to over emphasize our needs and be intolerant to others' views.

In addition to this, Mars is also square to Mercury and square to Jupiter. It may even express with non-action, preferring to let things to take their own course. It is lack of will and indecisiveness towards specific action. As the apex planet of this T-Square, Mars is gathering the energy of the planets involved in the following aspects and possible manifestations of its energy are:.