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The last day of year is on Friday, January 24, The first day of Chinese Zodiac Year is on February 4, The last day of Year is on February 3, The kua number of is 8-White. Chinese New Year Day is the first lunar day of the first Chinese lunar month. That means the new moon day is the first lunar day. The new moon day could fall to different day in different time zone. Therefore, lunar months have different pattern between China and USA time zones.

The first month of the Chinese zodiac year is the Tiger month. That starts at the time of the sun enters the th degree on the tropical zodiac. Therefore, this is a solar calendar. The Tiger month always begins around February 4 each year. Chinese Astrology birth chart is built by the Chinese Zodiac Calendar, not the Chinese lunar calendar. We combine Chinese zodiac months and Chinese lunar Months into Chinese Zodiac-Lunar Months , which contains lunar days in both lunar months and its corresponding zodiac months.

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This will increase the accuracy of Chinese Baby Gender Predictor. The Chinese calendar combines the lunar and solar systems together.

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The lunar calendar is the cycle of the moon. The solar calendar divides the year into 24 solar segments according to the sun positions on the tropical zodiac Similar to western astrology. Each segment's name was given for ancient Chinese farmers' use. The first month, Tiger month, begins from the Start of Spring segment or when the sun enters the th degree on the tropical zodiac.

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The second month, Rabbit month, begins from the Excited Insects segment or when the sun enters th degree. The beginning of a solar month is called the Section Point. The middle point of a solar month is called the Center Point.

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There are 12 Section Points and 12 Center Points in a year. The astrology names of Pisces and Aries apply to these Center Points. More information is at the theory of Chinese Lunar Calendar. This calendar is for people using Chinese Yin Yang Five Element Applications, such as Chinese astrology, feng shui, herbal medicine and acupuncture.

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It will be ok for you to find another job. New work environment will be much easier to bring nice promotion chances.

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Hi I think you should keep a low profile and just do the work cause this year is not so great at least you still have a job. At the end you will see the light at the end of the tunnel. Yeah you need to be in low profile. We both do feel the same way dude. I know your feelings too. I just keep myself focus on the work.

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Its true thats its not our year but lets just do what is important lets not distract ourselves what other said to us. Work work work.

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If you felt the job is not suitable for you, it will be ok for you to change the current job. Actually, you have outstanding personal abilities. Thus don't be upset. Just know what you want to do. Learn more things in order to adapt for the future job. Yes, it will be ok for you to start own business.

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You have kind personal characteristics. Thus you may receive the surrounding people's help. Although there may face several difficulties at the beginning, you will handle them. Don't worry. Tailor My Trip.