12 november chinese horoscope

Positive: Influential, sociable, imaginative, and charismatic. Rat people will always stay loyal to their friends. Negative: Power-hungry, gossiping, indiscreet, and meddling. As this is the year before their own year, can bring Rats some challenges, but never insurmountable ones. For the Rat, in a general sense, is a year for review and taking stock rather than one that favors bold new beginnings. It can feel especially comfortable to express themselves and their ideas in Career is likely to be status quo — no major changes one way or the other.

Even so, if the Rat is looking for work, they should seek something that truly matches their personality. Money can increase this year, but so can spending! Rats should look for the small print if major deals are part of the picture. With health, they should seek more outside time, heal, and let go. Positive: Diligent, stable, and possesses a strong sense of purpose.

These people build long-lasting friendships. The naturally hard-working nature of the Ox shines forth in the Year of the playful Pig, While others may get a little lazy this year, the Ox is plugging along. Still, it makes sense to come to a good work-life balance, so easing up a bit with work might help. The Ox should watch for overspending and overindulgence, in general, but this is a strong year for abundance, wealth, home, family, and friends.

The constitution is good as long as moderation is practiced. The chances to enhance, improve, or find love run high for the Ox in , the Year of the Pig.

Chinese compatible signs: Who am I compatible with?

Positive: Brave, strong, charismatic, and benevolent. Tigers are risk-takers and true adventurers. Negative: Impetuous and hot-headed. Tiger and Pig get along well, and this helps boost the overall luck of Tiger in the year , particularly in the people department. While finding a business partner may be in the offing, overall career prospects are not expected to be fabulous for Tiger in the Year of the Pig, so keeping things status quo and waiting for a luckier year to make a change might be the wisest choice.

People luck is good, but Tigers do need to make special efforts to maintain and improve relationships this year. Positive: Tactful, intelligent, caring, considerate, and virtuous. Negative: Pedantic and secretive. These people can appear a little cold and distant at times. Career luck is decent for the Rabbit in the Year of the Pig, although effort needs to be put forth to realize it.

Reaching out to others can help push things along. Money is similar — with effort and networking, Rabbit should do fine in the wealth department, although lucky breaks are not likely.

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Partnered Rabbits are likely to do well in love in , while singles are happier with their relationship status. Social life is expected to be quite fulfilling this year, and energy levels steady for most of the year, and then building and increasing towards the end of Positive: Successful, proud, lucky, and enthusiastic. Dragons are determined people and able to inspire others. The Year of the Pig, , is strong for money matters for Dragon. Prospects are excellent, in fact. There may be some problems with your reputation this year, making it wise to be humble and considerate and conciliatory if possible.

Love and social life are both expected to fare rather well. Overall, the year of the Pig does favor Dragon, and opportunities to advance are likely to present themselves. The general pitfalls do apply nevertheless, so it makes sense to watch for overindulgence and overspending. Positive: Intuitive, wise, perceptive, and compassionate. Snakes prefer the finer things in life. In fact, these things are cyclical and years such as this one can be highly useful for laying down the groundwork for future successes. Income is likely to be steady this year, but other money sources may not be.

Love can have its ups and downs, and disputes are possible. The Snake should look within for answers, or seek guidance and mediation. Positive: Popular, engaging, refined, and persuasive. Horse people are hardworking and independent. Negative: Selfish and unscrupulous. These individuals may be rebellious and shun the advice of others. Fortunately, the Pig and Horse are attracted, and this bodes especially well for Horses in the year , especially for overall luck, but also for people luck.

You can be a wonderful mediator this year, in fact. The Horse might thoroughly enjoy helping others who are not having as good a year as them. The Chinese lunar new year corresponds with the Aquarius new moon, which always falls between January 20 and February 18 the actual date varies every year.

On February 5, , the Year of the Earth Pig begins.

The Chinese zodiac is further divided into five key elements of nature, or Wu Xing: wood, water, metal, fire and earth. Each lunar year is governed by a different element. It is believed that each sign romantically lines up or really, really doesn't line up with other signs. Here's what is believed makes for the easiest and most difficult relationships: Rat : most compatible with dragon, monkey, and ox; least with sheep, horse, and rabbit Ox : most compatible with rat, snake, rooster; least with horse, dog, sheep Tiger : most compatible with horse, dog; least compatible with snake, monkey Rabbit : most compatible with sheep, pig, dog; least with rat, dragon Dragon : most compatible with rat, monkey, rooster; least with ox, rabbit, dog Snake : most compatible with ox, rooster; least with tiger, pig Horse : most compatible with tiger, sheep, dog; least with rat, ox, rabbit Goat : most compatible with rabbit, horse, pig; least with ox, dog Monkey : most compatible with rat, dragon, snake; least with tiger, pig Rooster : most compatible with ox, dragon, snake; least with rat, rabbit, dog Dog : most compatible with tiger, rabbit, horse; least compatible with ox, dragon, sheep, rooster Pig : most compatible with sheep, rabbit; least with snake, monkey, pig.

Don't just stop at your Zodiac sign! There is far, far more to Chinese astrology than just the twelve signs of the Zodiac. There's also the Four Pillars of Destiny -- which does use the Zodiac, but goes much, much further. It uses the year you were born and the month, day, and time of your birth, as well. It's similar to the birth chart used in Western astrology.

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It is believed to be a lot more accurate, telling more about your personal life instead of your sign as a whole. The four pillars are those four factors, in that order. They are also combined with yin and yang and the 5 elements metal, wood, water, fire, earth. It is all believed to determine your luck, affluence, longevity, happiness, and wealth year by year. Chinese astrology works in 60 year cycles. If you're a math fiend with nothing better to do, you could break down the patterns of all these ideas into a sexagesimal cycle. Know your "inner" animal.

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Let's go further than the animal of your birth year. Your "inner" animal is determined by the month you were born in. It is believed to determine your later years in life or information about your parents. Know how your day pillar works. This is the third pillar, believed to determine information about your adult or married life in the day-to-day. A pretty important one! Therefore, each year is just a teeny bit different.

Because it'd be ridiculous to list the entire day cycle here, it's advisable to visit an online calculator to find out your element and Zodiac sign for your day. If you're really bored, map out the entire cycle! Know your secret animal. In the Four Pillars of Destiny, the hour you were born represents the final and most personal pillar -- it also determines your "secret animal".

This is thought to be the truest representation of yourself, the self that has been covered by layers and layers of nurture and environment. It is also used to represent information about your kids or your senior years. Know if you're yin or yang. There's a few things to consider here: Every year is either yin or yang. Odd years are yang and even years are yin.

Two Dividing Methods for the Zodiac Year

Whatever the current year is, it's that side of the spectrum that tends to get emphasized. Every sign is yin or yang as well. This is the side of your personality that naturally has more power -- though anything can change in alignment with the stars. Yin is associate with passivity, cold, femininity, submissive, dark energy.

Yang represents activity, heat, masculinity, aggressiveness, and light energy. Before you go assuming the worst, know that everyone has both -- it's just a cycle. You start with yin, say, until it blooms and turns into yang. And take into account the year's yin or yang, too! Know your element. Almost done! Now we're getting to your element. On the outside, it's quite simple.

Just take the last number in the year of your birth! Again, it's a cycle, this part emphasizing movement and change. Whatever element you are will naturally be emphasized, but how does it mix with the element of the current year? It is believed that the element of the year is the dominant one -- some years will work with your element, while others will work against , creating harmony and disharmony. For example, water destroys fire but produces wood and so forth. Each element affects others in different ways, ideally creating a perfect balance.

It is believed that the elements line up with the 4 seasons. Wood is the strongest in spring, fire in summer, Earth during the season transitions, and so on. The cycle repeats every 10 years there being 5 elements and all. You have your own complicated sign, but the years have more detail to them too; each one has a stem paired with a branch. The horse branch has not only Yin Fire behind it, but Yin Earth too.

It's how your pillars fit into every year that determines your cyclical fate. The Ten Heavenly stems are a combination of yin and yang and the Five Elements. These go in a year cycle as discussed above.

Chinese Calendar

Year 1 was Rat Yang Wood; year 61 will be the same, cycling through with no repetitions before that. The Twelve Earthly Branches are the Zodiac animals discussed in the first section. You know, the ones you find on Chinese take-out menus. Work with your cycles. Remember that this is a blueprint or map. It cannot be changed. That is nothing to fret about! The Chinese believe that this is knowledge to make you powerful -- you will be better able to overcome obstacles and grasp opportunities when need be. In other words, you can always do the right thing at the right time.

This chart is telling you that at certain times, they have potential. You have to go out and get it! By knowing this chart, you'll know when those times are and when you should make your move in alignment with the stars. Talk to an astrologist or Feng Shui master. To know what seasons parts of the cycle, not "winter" or years will be for the better or worse, talk to a master of Chinese astrology.